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Yellow Eyes

Castiel threw Dean back into the past.

As it turnd out, once upon a time, John Winchester was a naive civilian and Mary Winchester was a Hunter.

I have no idea who it took more by surprise, me or Dean.

Anyway, as it turns out, Mary made a deal with Azazel, or Yellow Eyes. Yellow Eyes would bring John back from the dead, after he killed him, and in turn, in ten years, Yellow Eyes would pay a visit to the Winchester House and ‘as long as he wasn’t interrupted, no one would get hurt” At this point i had  an aha moment” that’s why MAry said you when Yellow Eyes went to visit Sam.

Anyway, in the end Castiel tells Dean that Sam is down a dangerous road and they have no idea where its leading, and the stil have no idea what Yellow Eye’s Endgame is.

Castiel then says, in a dramatic climax:

“Stop him, or we Will”

Sam is b the way, with Ruby.