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Work was Actually Busy Today!

Today i actually got to run all around campus running errands, it felt good to be doing something other than sitting around.

Classes today were interesting and i have quite a bit to say about that, but right now, i’m running on 23.5 hours without sleep and i have a test later today at noon and i really want to get some sleep in before that. (what i want to know is: what IDIOT schedules a test on a Saturday? Isn’t the weekend supposed to be, y’know, THE WEEKEND! with NO CLASS and NO WORK!!) Anyway, good night, morning, whatever!


So the test, was a complete waste of time. It was terribly inconclusive and insanely arbritary. No more to say.


Classes, yeah, i’ve posted more on that.


Work Is Mostly, Well, Boring.

Today was my first day working without a helper. I did perhaps a grand total of ten things. Among them was answer three calls, make copies, three times and take out the trash.

But the good things are: that the people are very friendly, nothing like where I used to work, and I get to do homework because I have the time for it.

So instead of actually doing homework at work, I worked on the design for my tattoo(s), which I’ve decided I’m getting without my mother’s approval and against her well-meaning advice. I’ll just have to make sure dad does not find out, or I’ll never hear the end of it.

I’ve decided on a chain of tattoos on the front of my upper arm, The first is a Celtic themed circle representing Folklore, the second a treble clef representing music, the third is the Heroes Helix representing well, Heroes, the next one would be probably an Australopithecus afarensis  skull, representing Anthropology, and the last one (for now) would be an artistic design of the Double Helix representing, naturally, DNA and Genetics.

Today I also had my first BIO test, and it was insanely easy. I think I can just skip the lecture and show up for the tests, but I won’t. Tonight I have the BIO LAB, for which I haven’t been turning in the homework because I forget to, I actually do it in class, during the lecture part, because I get bored, but I haven’t actually and physically turned it in. I suppose I should, but eh, whatever.