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Yellow Eyes

Castiel threw Dean back into the past.

As it turnd out, once upon a time, John Winchester was a naive civilian and Mary Winchester was a Hunter.

I have no idea who it took more by surprise, me or Dean.

Anyway, as it turns out, Mary made a deal with Azazel, or Yellow Eyes. Yellow Eyes would bring John back from the dead, after he killed him, and in turn, in ten years, Yellow Eyes would pay a visit to the Winchester House and ‘as long as he wasn’t interrupted, no one would get hurt” At this point i had  an aha moment” that’s why MAry said you when Yellow Eyes went to visit Sam.

Anyway, in the end Castiel tells Dean that Sam is down a dangerous road and they have no idea where its leading, and the stil have no idea what Yellow Eye’s Endgame is.

Castiel then says, in a dramatic climax:

“Stop him, or we Will”

Sam is b the way, with Ruby.


Supernatural Season Four

Its fall, and most of the TV seasons are starting up, one I watch often, aside from Heroes, is Supernatural.

Season Four kicked off with a nice new twist that has my best friend raving in anger, and me smiling like an idiot.

Dean was brought back from hell by an Angel, Castiel to be exact, the angel of Thursday. I have no idea why God would send the angel of Thursday to rescue him, but i like it. The reason behind it has to be something with the nature of the rescue, which as of now i can’t find out if its a classic tale type or a motif: the sinner warrior returned from hell by God. Somewhat of a Constantine-like idea (the movie, not the Emperor)

Jim Butcher has likewise had a turning point in his Harry Dresden Books: Dresden who could draw Hellfire for his magic, due to a run in with a demon, can now, after divine intervention, draw ‘Soulfire’ for the same purpose.

Back to Supernatural.

The series now has an incredibly amazing and almost biblical edge to it, one brother, Sam, aided and trained by demons, and Dean, risen and guided by an angel, now fight side by side. This of course, leaves Bobby on his own in the middle, perhaps representing humanity?

One thing that the Series writers got right is the nature of angels, as Ruby put it “They smite first and ask questions later” and later as Castiel said ‘read the Bible, angels are warriors of the Lord” Which makes me wonder, where the hell (no pun intended) did the idea of angels as being all nice and guardians come from?

i looked, but i couldn’t find and answer, but i did find an interesting fact about Mormons: they believe that Michael the Punisher is actually Adam, and that Gabriel the Messenger is Noah. My thought was of course: What the FUCK?? Seriously? But yeah, seriously. Just one more thing why I will never become Mormon, sabotage of way cool mythological creatures.

And angels are way cool. i can name five reasons:

1-eternal, they literally are immortal,

2-created by the Word of God (as an atheist, i find this a very sweet fantasy).

3-Insanely powerful, strong enough to herald the end of the world.

4-Flaming Swords, seriously, a sword made of eternal fire.

5- Live in Heaven, not only are they immortal, they get to be immortal in paradise.

and finally, they rose Dean from the dead, even if its not in the canon, that is still awesome, because that means that we get to have a season four of Supernatural.

Anyway, turns out that the New Age Movement, in many of its even more numerous branches has picken up angels as part of its evergrowing collection of worshiped gods, goddesses, crystals, Atlantaen alien babies and whatever (i made up the Atlantean alien babies, btw)