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Friday I was finally hired over at the Multicultural Student Services Center!

This is after almost three weeks of job hunting. I was terribly relieved when they said I had a job, because now I can start to shift focus away from boredom, over to work. Plus I have bills that I owe people, so I need the money. But as Bones would say “here’s the kickster:” I am only working four hours a week, which would be very nice, if I did not need more money, so I pretty much have to get a second job.

This will of course, be incredibly difficult, because i could barely get job one, and now I have to find job two, which must fulfill one criteria: leave me enough time for school and sleep. Entertainment comes naturally: dreams, and reading in the boring classes. But actual homework actually requires time dedicated specifically for that purpose.

So the job hunt continues, except now its harder than before.