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I went to Church this Sunday.

At first I was bored, because it was incredibly boring (obviously) and because all that everyone seemed to talk about was General Conferences, which i did not watch because i had better things to do last weekend (like sleep) And i really didn’t care about what they were talking about.

But one thing stuck: how blatantly they threw absolute lies about and nobody even flinched (except me) and everyone agreed! I was for a while i was just shocked, then it started to sink it, that is why i am not a believer, and i started thinking, and i realized something huge about people. After the initial shock wore off, I started to get bored again, then they brought up Prop 102, and why they had to vote yes on it. The reasons why made me laugh inwardly, because i thought it would be a tad disrespectful if i did do outwardly.

The man who gave the little lecture (a man i actually respect, somewhat) sadid that never has something like this had happened before (gay marriage) and i started to correct him, but i promised i would behave, so i didn’t tell him that is wasn’t until the last few centuries that gay has been tabboo. Not in the modern sense, but the idea of two men having sex or living together hasn’t been considered wrong until the Roman Emperor in 342 (or 372 i forget) declared gay marriaes illegal, before then it was legal, and it isn’t unheard of high ranking men being married to each other.

But none of this i said there, because i promised i would not.

Then I took part in their close knit community, even though i knew that their close knit community was antagonistic to my life. It was nice, and I realized that i missed out on the concept of community my entire life. Made me kind of sad, that the only times that this kind of togetherness happens is clearly outside of the realm of people like me. I am truly a marginal figure.

So after pretty much being reminded that i belong on the wrong side of the line, I just enjoyed that rare glimpee at what life is like on the other side. Then, the friend who took me to church said soemthign that brought up the amrginal figure thing again: he said that having me in the church would be a great asset, that i was someone who would either take the church forward, or someone who could hinder the church greatly.

I was flattered, because he wasn’t the first person to tell me something very similar.


Three Things on The State Press

Three things managed to get my attention in the State Press today. I suspected that like every other day, the school newspaper would have a an article of interest, an engaging cross word, the always awesome Non-Sequitor comic and a bunch of bullshit. I was right.

Expect the bullshit was actually interesting.

The first story was that of “Muggle Quiditch” I have two thoughts on the matter: one, how can you not trip? and two, are you serious? I actually want to go watch, just to see them trip, or to se how horrible it is, that is to say how do they compare to real sports?

Second, was the first analysis of prop 102 that was written not by the usual author, but an entirely different girl. And as compared to the other guy, she is a much better writer. I enjoyed reading it and it was actually a “breath of fresh air” when it came not only to the sticky issue of gay marriage (which i strongly support) but the entire week, which has been strangely depressing, and i have no idea why, might be the nightmares, the lack of sleep, the loneliness, the lack of money, yeah that is probably it, the lack of money.

And Third: Joe Arpaio, who want to be reelected. I feel sorry for the writer of the article, i wonder how long it will be until the cops are knowing on her door for libel of some other shit. actually i wonder how long it will be until i get the knock on my door about this post. Cant be that long, the man is completely insane, power hungry and has no regard for the rules, which he, ironically enough, claims to be upholding.

And finally, Heroes: Villains, I Am Become Death airs today. Which reminds me, the Bhagavad Gita: freaken’ awesome, go read it. NOW!

I’m almost done with it myself.