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An open letter to Naui Huitzilopochtli (and all those who may read it)

First off, I apologize for often presenting myself as an antagonizing force. This is something I try to avoid, but my principles often dictate to me be so,, I am apologizing only for the borderline inappropriate manner I sometimes present my arguments, not for having those arguments to begin with.

Secondly, this not a critique or an attack, or at least, I did not mean for it to be. This is an apology (from the Greek word, meaning explanation) of my beliefs and my opinions.

Thirdly, I apologize for writing this in English, as my Nahuatl is, sadly, very basic.

I am not a nationalist of any kind, furthermore, I am not a racist of any kind. This is to mean that I do not hold the Accident of someone’s Birth against them in any way, unless of course, they wish for me do so. In addition, I wish to convey, with that statement, that I do hold  any collectivist ideals, although often it is necessary for me to appear to have them. This is evident in my Vexillology, as seen in my flying several flags in my home, and sometimes as my profile picture on facebook.

In discussions I have had on your facebook wall, I have been caricatured as an imperialist, a murderer and a racist. This is to be expected. I do hold you accountable for this. This is one of the things I feel I must address, and obviously extend my sincerest apologies if I have done the same. This was not intentional.

The purpose of my antagonism is simple: I first and foremost, wish to understand what your views are, and what the view of the people who, for lack of a better term, side with you. In addition, I wish to understand the Nature and cause of these opinions. Despite being scorned, I proceed to ‘poke’ at your statements in order to deduce the underlying principles that yield your statements and convictions. I believe that like my own statements and convictions, they are based on something. I believe that in order to learn yours, I must first share mine, and they are as follows:

First, as I mentioned before, I do not believe in the inherent power of the accident of one’s birth. This obviously needs further explanation: I believe that we are all human. The phrase: “All men are created equal” is something that I hold very dearly. I believe this statement to be true. I likewise believe that all humans are worthy of the same dignities and the same respect. And I believe that nothing can strip these away, least of all someone’s race, economic status, heritage, religion or lack of, or anything that humans may use to group themselves, or group others under. It is because of this that I often appear to defend causes that are at the moment, or any other given moment, unpopular. My recent defense of the Confederacy is not, as it has been assumed to be, a defense of slavery or bigotry, it is merely a remembrance of the men who died in a brutal and senseless war.  While this war may have had the effect of freeing the slaves, this act alone cannot condone its bloodshed.  Likewise, any acts of violence made by white men, or any men, cannot condone hatred towards such men, or any men.

My refusal to hate them does not mean that I condone their actions. The slaveholder violated the natural rights of the slave, but it does not make him any less worthy of his own rights. It is a crime, yes, an unforgivable one, yes, but not one that should be used to hate them. But more importantly, the act of the slaveholder should not, cannot and must not be used to condone hatred or crimes towards his brothers and friends. His brothers and his friends are not him, and his crimes are not theirs.

To take that one step further: The acts of white men in the past should not, cannot and must not be paid upon their descendents. My ancestors may have committed a crime, but that crime is not mine.

To quote fiction, if I may: In the Lord of the Rings, Arwen tells Aragorn that “You are Isildur’s Heir, not Isildur himself” His reply is simple and true “The same blood that ran through his veins, runs through mine” Yet her own reply conveys a message that I myself happen to hold “You will face the same evil, and defeat it”

So, whereas the same blood that ran through the veins of the Conquistadors, the same blood that raped and burned, runs through my veins, I am not them. I too, can give in to a primal urge that all humans carry, and rape and burn, but I have not. The ability to commit a crime is not the same as having committed it. And I am not accountable for the crimes of m ancestors. Likewise, not all white men are guilty of the crimes of some of their ancestors.

This is not to say that crimes were not committed, and this is not to say that those crimes should be easily forgotten or forgiven.  They were unforgivable crimes, yes, but the men who committed them are long since dead. One cannot wage war against a dead enemy, and the descendents of such enemies are not the enemy themselves.

Secondly, a point I hope I have made clear: I am an Individualist. And because of this, I am a Capitalist. The principles of individualism are simple: All men are born equal,, and should be allowed to go as far as their own abilities permit them, or as far as other men help them to go. These are also the principles of capitalism, thus the only system thus far that has allowed men to be free to choose and free to fail at their volition is Capitalism.

I have asked, mostly indirectly, for you to show me a system of beliefs that better encapsulates men’s rights. (and I am using the term men in a gender neutral manner) Thus far, you have not, and I eagerly await your reply.

In the past, I have been told that Capitalism is a force that denies men’s basic rights, and the examples given forth are mostly non-sequiturs, or examples made through equivocation, namely the argument that because white men committed crimes against Native Americans (whom you call Nican Tlaca, more on that later) and other white men developed modern Capitalism (Namely Adam Smith and, to a certain extent John Locke and the British Rationalists and German Idealists) therefore all white men have committed these crimes and likewise Capitalism is responsible for these crimes. This simply does not follow. I fear that at this point, I made have made a reductionist assumption about your arguments, and I look forward to being corrected.

About the term Nican Tlaca. I do feel certain. . .apprehension at you use of the term, as I understand it, the term is simply the Nahua term for people who live on this continent prior to European Conquest. And I must say I find it terribly ironic that you would bestow the title of your people upon the rest of the Native American population, and yet outcry the term “Native American” because it is used by one people to refer to another.

This naturally leads me to a question: What exactly is the goal of your movement? I am going to assume that it is expatriation of all non Native American’s from this continent. I am likely wrong, but it appears to be thus far. Again, I look forward to learning more about the end goal of your endeavours. If however, the goal is education, then I applaud you. Education is one of my greatest concerns, and I support all men and movements who seek to educate. Likewise, I support all men who seek to discuss, trade, and promulgate ideas rationally. If this is the end goal, then I believe you have gained a convert. Although I admit I find your methodology to be ineffective.

For the time being, and under the circumstances, this is all I have to say on the matter and I await your reply eagerly.

Sincerely, Antonio I. Villalpando.


Long Time Gone.

Its seems that as soon as Heroes was over I stopped blogging and then, today, one day Before Fugitive’s starts, I come back.

Well, I have a reason for that, I’ve been busy, terribly terribly busy.

My life has been yanked out of its cyclical routine and I was completely dazed and lost, and forgot to come here. It’s a new semester you see, and it looks like, unlike last semester, this one is going to be GOOD!!

I am taking six classes, a full eighteen credit hours, and across three campuses too: One at Downtown, Two at West and three in Main. Which means that I’ve become very familiar with the new Light Rail and the Shuttles that ASU provides.

So this semester I’m taking:

STP 226: Elements of Statistics, which seems fun and I am enjoying, strange, because I usually hate math.

ASM 455: Primate Behavior Lab, which rocks!!! Because Dr. Nash is the instructor and its already a major challenge, making it my hardest class this semester.

ASB 102, because I got bored last semester and failed it. This semester I have a good teacher and the classroom is not full of idiots.

SPA 413: Advanced Spanish Grammar, and yes I very much like it.

SPA 426: Spanish Literature from 1700 to Present, which seems like it will be very interesting, plus the teacher is way smart, and a tad bitchy.

ENG 102: Composition, because I finally finished 101! Yay!!

I’ve also discovered that my much planned and expected trip to London may not work out, because I have no money, well, I have money, just not enough, Britain will have to wait for me, unless I can talk people into giving me money. And a lot of it, right now I’m a whole two thousand dollars short. I may have to find another way for getting the hell out of America. I will try and I swear I will go to London soon, maybe in the Summer if I can find those 2k’s or the Fall semester.

I went to see Underworld: Rise of the Lycans and loved it!! I also went to see Slumdog Millionaire, and I absolutely loved it (they will each get a post later on, after Heroes: Fugitives ep. 1)

The Borders closest to me closed about five hours ago, permanently. I am very, very sad and require coffee to cheer me up. 😦

I’ve read more of Le Guin’s Works, including The Tombs of Atuan, Very Far Away From Anywhere Else, Gifts, and I’m working on The Telling, Changing Planes and The Word for World is Forest.

Oh and January 20 was one of the HAPPIEST DAYS OF MY LIFE!! PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA!!!!

I was very pleased when he cut salaries and finally closed Gitmo! It looks as if America will finally grow a backbone and start respecting Human and Civil Rights. I was disappointed when Obama replied to Hugo Chavez’s congratulations by saying that he (Chavez) was impeding progress in South America, in fact, I’m still pissed at Obama for that, he really needs to stop making the same shitty mistakes that Bush made by pissing off Latin America.

For now, that’s all because it’s very late, or very early depends on how you look at it, either way i WANT COFFEE!!!!



Two hours ago my cell phone started ringing like crazy. This was about a minute after Obama was projected as the winner. All of the calls were happy ones, except for one” Arizona Prop 102, passed.

I celebrated nonetheless.

America has finaly elected a African-American to the White House, and after the worst eight years in our recent history, hope is finally back on the table. Not only did Obama win, but the Democratic Party has taken majority both in the House and in the Senate. which means that all of  the bills that were vetoed by our current president, now stand a chance after Obama’s inaguration, and hopefully, we will have a president that will actually do something about the Iraq problem and somehtign about our economic status.

Prop 102 passed. as i’ve said, meaning that the Arizona Constitution now defines marriage as being only between one man and one woman. That needs to change, and in 2010, we will try to change that.

so, all in all


The Creepy Obama Video and the Hilarious Responses

Floating round online is a video of a bunch of kids singing a Obama-themed “Change” song. The video is very creepy, because of the monotonous voices and the rhythm. What really caught my attention though, were the responses: they were at best, ignorant, stupid and downright comical comments.

They ranged from just a “creepy” to extensive comparisons with Chairman Mao, Hitler and one elusive comment about Cuba. But they all had one thing in common: they were appalled at the idea of praising or venerating a human. they all, in some way, shape or form, had the words: God Save Us, God have Mercy on America, I Will Pray for this Country, et cetera. Which made me think: Why praise something that’s imaginary? Why not recognize humanity’s achievements?

I admit Obama is not the best choice for president, but he is good at getting people fired up. That is to be admired, except everyone on the Right seems to think that its because he’s some sort of Antichrist.

I’ve noticed before now, that individual humans are discouraged from taking credit for things, they are encouraged to ignore one man’s achievements. But where I grew up, in Mexico, we are inspired by these men and women, we honor them because they are fine examples of humanity. They are our best members.

There is Francisco Villa, Emiliano Zapata, Benito Juarez, Miguel Hidalgo, Jose Maria Morelos. To us they are national icons, men who dared to stand up. But in America, I don’t see monuments, it is as if were forgotten that a man can do great things. As if everyone is just expected to hold their heads up high because everyone else is doing it. So many people, of course, claim the America is the best there is.  I would argue against that, America is far from the best, in my opinion, it is one of the worst. We cry about human rights violations abroad while flaunting our disregard for them at home. We say we’re the smartest, and yet we still teach our children that “God did it” is as good as a scientific answer. As Fidel Castro put it once : “Cada nino Americano sabe bien quien es Mickey Mouse, pero no saben quienes son sus lideres”

America has the potential to be a great nation, a land where people can truly be free, but at every step, we are undermined by religion, fear and a sense of collective arrogance. From the idea that this nation was “Founded n Christian Principles” to the idea that “God is using America for the greater good” our intelligence is being robbed by fear and superstition, and yet, the same people responsible for this cry about how they feel sad that our country is going down the hill, because of “socialists’ like Nancy Pelosi.

I haven’t been to many other countries (In fact, I’ve never been outsie North America) but I feel like other places, other countries might be better to live in. I’ve been considering London, it trikes me as odd, that I may be the only American just waiting for an opportunity to get out, while so many people are dying to get in.

Why I Did Not See The Presidential Debates.

This Friday, were the first presidential debates, and i opted not to watch, listen or read about them. Odd right? me not caring? But i have a reason, a few actually.

One: is quite simply, i am tired of all the bullshit. Obama lies, McCain lies, they throw shit at each other and then everyone is either happy or angry.

Second: Other than a few people who care, and who have also already chosen a side, nobody watches the debates, and no one can sincerely say that their vote is going to swing this late in the race. There may, MAY, be one or two people, but most people have already made up their minds and are watching with a bias. Besides, it’s not like rational thinking has an impact on Americans, we tend to just go with what mommy and daddy say, so there really is no point to them watching, the very fact of their birth has already chosen for them.

Third: I went to a movie. I saw Burn after Reading. It was an awesome movie, but it is not worth buying on DVD.

Fourth: Mongolian Food Rocks.

Fifth: I already knew what each candidate was going to say, I’ve heard them say it before, and I really didn’t want to hear it again. And the bailout plan in Washington is likewise giving me a headache, the thing is simple really: create a committee. We do it for everything else, why not this plan? Why argue needlessly over something both candidates agree on: Paulson cannot be trusted to handle it alone, and needs supervision. So, create a temporary committee to reside over the handing out of the money, make sure that the corporate leaders get a payout (otherwise they’ll never agree) but a small one, and make sure that the money does not go into the wrong pockets. Its simple really, almost elegant.

And Finally: Yeah, i’ve covered it all.

Thomas Friedman on “drill, baby, drill”

I was remided of George Clooney’s Good Night and Goodluck:

We can deny our heritage and our history, but we cannot escape responsibility for the results. We proclaim ourselves indeed as we are, the defenders of freedom, wherever it continues to exist in the world. But we cannot defend freedom abroad by deserting it at home. The actions of the junior Senator from Wisconsin have caused alarm and dismay amongst our allies abroad, and given considerable comfort to our enemies. And whose fault is that? Not really his, he didn’t create this situation of fear, he merely exploited it, and rather successfully.

(Just replace junior Senator from Wisconsin with Bush, McCain, Gulianni, etc.)

You’ll understand why once you read Friedman’s article here:

Ce tout!

Why Palin Needs To Be Locked Up Forever!

The Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science sent me this article link:

And after reading the article and watching the video, I pretty much had a minor heart attack! (Actually I shouted out loud: “they want this IDIOT to be our next Vice President!” in the library, in level three, the ‘quiet level’)

And then I had a panic attack, an honest-to-god, panic attack.

And then, after a couple of Excedrin, three bottles of water and reading a chapter of “The Structure of Evolutionary Theory” I managed to calm down. Kind of.

Strangely though, I have very little to say right now, I don’t thinks it’s quite sunk in. Of course after that, my friends over at Sam Harris’ website (The End of Faith and Letter to a Christian Nation are must reads for everyone in the USA) send me this:,0,5745350.story

And at that point I remembered why I read the LA Times. When I got to this part, I felt alive again, because as I get to say, ever so often: I Told You So!

Americans have an unhealthy desire to see average people promoted to positions of great authority. No one wants an average neurosurgeon or even an average carpenter, but when it comes time to vest a man or woman with more power and responsibility than any person has held in human history, Americans say they want a regular guy, someone just like themselves.

Kind of like Ayn Rand’s mediocre Worship. And also something I’ve been saying for a while. In this country we value ordinary things, ordinary people. “You can do anything you want, as long as you promise to suck at it” (late night commercial running of late) although in this case, it’s a little worse, we are potentially entrusting the country to this nut. She believes that the war in Iraq is some form of Holy Delayed Crusade, She wants Creationism taught in our schools, she holds the utmost respect for a man who spends his life shouting about the up coming Apocalypse, and how Jesus is directing the War on terror. Do we seriously want her as our vice president? As a possible president?

And remember when I said I respected Senator McCain? Well, I changed my mind. If he thinks that this woman is a good person to occupy (what should be only a ceremonial position, similar to the Queen of England) the Vice Presidency. Harris had this to say about him, and I, sadly, agree:

McCain has so little respect for the presidency of the United States that he is willing to put the girl next door (soon, too, to be a grandma) into office beside him. He has so little respect for the average American voter that he thinks this reckless and cynical ploy will work.

And so I have now very little respect for him. This man, who claims that he values and loves America so much, is putting his beloved country in her hands? She has no intelligence to speak of; she has a twisted world view (not twisted, EVIL!!!!) This is by far the most irresponsible move that the Arizona Senator has made so far, and as were drawing closer to November, I fear it may only get worse. Now that Plain has National (and International, I was watching news in foreign channels and Palin is all over the place, Madrid, Greece, Ukraine, even Bulgarian news reports were all hyped up about the nobody from nowhere becoming McCain’s running mate, he is already terribly unpopular in the international community, and now he’s even more. What can possibly happen if we vote for him? Our status in the international world view is already in the ground.) Attention it will only get worse. We are going to have Dover Trials all over again, maybe even in Arizona! Or the Florida ID initiatives attacking science from everywhere. What of Stem Cells? All of our potential cures are going out the window because our vice president does not know the difference between Somatic, Gamete, and Zygote, much less what Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer is!

And of course one thing that is important to me: gay marriage. We are voting for a woman and a man who do not even understand that homosexuality has a genetic and biological cause. These people think that it’s a ‘lifestyle’ (should not surprise me, they also believe all sorts of weird fairy tales, but still, do they even ever bother to pick up a science journal?) or a choice.

And of course there is also: abortion, the death penalty, military intelligence, habeas corpus (or lack thereof), free speech, human right violations, our deficit, the home crisis, our current economy, gas prices, alternate energy, global warming, and international standings. Problems that require someone with a working brain to manage, and were choosing these people!!

Palin’s solution is to drill for oil in Alaska, she proposes destroying miles of the most beautiful land in our country (home to several endangered species) for the benefits, which if calculated, sum up to about two cents cheaper gas, which sounds good, if the number was not collective over x-amount of years, 10? 20? I forget.


My solution is of course, lock her up in a straitjacket and padded walls, and lever let her out again.