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The Creepy Obama Video and the Hilarious Responses

Floating round online is a video of a bunch of kids singing a Obama-themed “Change” song. The video is very creepy, because of the monotonous voices and the rhythm. What really caught my attention though, were the responses: they were at best, ignorant, stupid and downright comical comments.

They ranged from just a “creepy” to extensive comparisons with Chairman Mao, Hitler and one elusive comment about Cuba. But they all had one thing in common: they were appalled at the idea of praising or venerating a human. they all, in some way, shape or form, had the words: God Save Us, God have Mercy on America, I Will Pray for this Country, et cetera. Which made me think: Why praise something that’s imaginary? Why not recognize humanity’s achievements?

I admit Obama is not the best choice for president, but he is good at getting people fired up. That is to be admired, except everyone on the Right seems to think that its because he’s some sort of Antichrist.

I’ve noticed before now, that individual humans are discouraged from taking credit for things, they are encouraged to ignore one man’s achievements. But where I grew up, in Mexico, we are inspired by these men and women, we honor them because they are fine examples of humanity. They are our best members.

There is Francisco Villa, Emiliano Zapata, Benito Juarez, Miguel Hidalgo, Jose Maria Morelos. To us they are national icons, men who dared to stand up. But in America, I don’t see monuments, it is as if were forgotten that a man can do great things. As if everyone is just expected to hold their heads up high because everyone else is doing it. So many people, of course, claim the America is the best there is.  I would argue against that, America is far from the best, in my opinion, it is one of the worst. We cry about human rights violations abroad while flaunting our disregard for them at home. We say we’re the smartest, and yet we still teach our children that “God did it” is as good as a scientific answer. As Fidel Castro put it once : “Cada nino Americano sabe bien quien es Mickey Mouse, pero no saben quienes son sus lideres”

America has the potential to be a great nation, a land where people can truly be free, but at every step, we are undermined by religion, fear and a sense of collective arrogance. From the idea that this nation was “Founded n Christian Principles” to the idea that “God is using America for the greater good” our intelligence is being robbed by fear and superstition, and yet, the same people responsible for this cry about how they feel sad that our country is going down the hill, because of “socialists’ like Nancy Pelosi.

I haven’t been to many other countries (In fact, I’ve never been outsie North America) but I feel like other places, other countries might be better to live in. I’ve been considering London, it trikes me as odd, that I may be the only American just waiting for an opportunity to get out, while so many people are dying to get in.