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Heroes, Thomas Friedman, English and the Crazy Street Preacher.

Today was, interesting. After a boring Anthropology test, I skipped BIO100 class (yeah i know, and i don’t care) and a mostly (except for a little brain tease and a chapter of the Baghavad Gita) boring ENG class. I ran into ASU’s crazy preacher and a disappointing trip to the library, i finally got home in time for Heroes.

So, from the beginning.

My Anthropology test was fifty questions long and took about fifteen minutes to finish, it was mostly a boring play with words. I am quite certain that i failed it, because i apparently wasn’t paying attention in class as well as i thought (next time, I’ll have to refrain from reading Yeats during class) After that I walked over to breakfast. I read a bit afterward and then after my iPod battery died I went back home to recharge it and maybe watch TV before English, since I had already decided to skip BIO.

I fell asleep and woke up just in time to get to English, where I read the first and second chapters of the Baghavad Gita, because the teacher went on analyzing Thomas Friedman’s latest Op-Ed. I am a big Friedman (The World is Flat) fan, but unfortunately, my English class dissected and analyzed the article past the point of no return. Which made me mad, because they missed the whole overall (holistic) point of the article.

Then after class I ran into the Preacher who goes by JK (Just Kidding maybe?) He went on for about an hour and a half screaming about Jesus hating everyone and how he was a prophet of the lord because he wasn’t a “perverted homo masturbating weed-head” like us (which made everyone laugh). He only seems to serve as comic relief for us. He promised to be there again, so i have to remind myself to take my Bible to contradict him, if he ever stops shouting that is. Which leads me to believe, sincerely, that he is on something, weed perhaps? or maybe some prescription stuff?

After this, I managed to get home again, eat, sleep for about an hour, then watch some Stargate Atlantis and then finally Heroes!

Heroes: Villains (I love writing that) episode 303: One of Us, One of Them, started out with Flint, The German, Knox and Peter (in Jesse’s Body) starting out a bank heist, while Mama Petrelli purposefully gave Sylar (Gabriel Gray) a new ability, and Noah Bennet meet his new partner, who happens to be (as i predicted) Sylar, who is now beginning to explore a new ‘good’ side.

At the end of the episode, Micah meets Tracy (who, as i also predicted, is a clone) and Future Peter finally pulls Peter out of Jesse and then everything goes to hell as Knox escapes, Sylar harvests Jesse’s power, Flint gets shot, and The German is possibly dead, much to my grief because The German seems like such a calm and twisted individual.

Meanwhile Claire and Meredith have a little masochistic mother-daughter talk, when Meredith forces Claire to explore her feelings via locking her in a metalic train wagon and heating up.


Heroes on USA Today

Last Wednesday, Heroes graced the pages of the USA Today.

On the top corner of the front page there was a picture of Ali Larter (who plays Niki/Jessica Sanders, Nessica to Basha High Class of ’07) Under the headline “When ‘Heroes’ go Bad” and saying that Ali will be back on the show but playing a woman named Tracy. So I want to know if Niki is permanently dead (there were rumors floating around) or if Tracy is like Jessica and Gina, an alternate personality caused by Niki’s DID.

And several Villains (escaped from Level Five) were listed and introduced in the newspaper as well, they are (Drumroll)

The German, played by Ken Lally, with the ability to manipulate metal.

Benjamin “Knox” Washington, played by Jamie Hector, with the ability to draw strength from fear

Eric Doyle, played by David H. Lawrence, with the ability to make anyone do whatever he wants

Flint, played by Blake Shields, with the ability of pyrokinesis

Jesse, played by Francis Capra, with the ability to project concussive power through his voice

Stephen Canfield, played by Andre Royo, Ability not yet revealed

Samedi, played by Demetrius Grosse, Ability not yet revealed.

And perhaps the most important thing said in the entire article, one that sent me into giant leaps of happiness: in the first episode of Villains (The Second Coming) Angela Petrelli’s power is REVEALED!!!!! After two whole seasons we finally get to se it in action!! I think its something to do with dreams, similar to Isaac’s precognition.

And Papa Petrelli makes an appearance sometime in season three, and his power is also revealed. Daniel Lindermann is back too apparently. Noah Bennet gets a new partner, and is back with The Company, and there is a Sylar-Elle showdown!!!!!!!

Oh and Niki did die at the end of season two. Poor Micah, first dads in season one, now mom in season two. I wonder is Monica is going to die in season three, therefore continuing a pattern of killing one of the kid’s family members each season.

Suresh gets an ability. I’m not saying what it is though. Ok fine, its super strength, like Niki’s.

Three Days!! Three DAYS!!!!!!

I’m gonna die in anticipation.

Heroes Volume Four Revealed!!

In an interview for a British magazine (i think) the creator let the title of Volume Four (the last 12 episodes of season three) slip.

Drumroll . . .

Volume Four: Fugitives.

This is after

Volume One: Genesis

Volume Two: Generations

Volume Three: Villains

I think I have a general  idea what is going to happen in them. Hint: twelve villains escape from Level Five, and I can already see Noah Bennet running around with a Company-issue gun!