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I’m Back

So, NaNoWriMo can be considered a complete failure. 

I managed about three thousand words, and i have about 14 days to write 50 thousand words, which i believe that there is no way i can catch up. 

I’ve had several novel ideas, but they’ve ended up as short stories ideas that will more than likely die soon, having never been written. My original novel idea, i think is dead, unless it manages to sit around in my head and develops on its own. 

Which reminds me, i am writing a novel, this one is th erecycled spirit of an idea i had about three months ago, and that i think i have repackaged. So i will start writing soon, except now its outside the NaNo setting and in normal winter writing form. 

This novel does not deal with the supernatural, strangely enough, but it is a romance. This time i’m dipping my fingers in post apocalyptic dystopian science fiction. And, I also mean to finish writing Blue Willow, and then the Leo story i started. I also mean to write a vampire hunter novel, maybe set in another world, bridging Urban Fantasy and Traditional Fantasy.  


I have to write a mega post on Weeds, Heroes, Skins and Supernatural. But that will be later. After i eat.



November, i believe will be a time of great inactivity for my blog, because i will be writing a novel.

Or it might be a place of extreme occupation as i avoid writing a novel.

Whichever. I have to catch up, its barely day three and i’m already four thousand words behind schedule.

Eris Quod Sum

Last night’s Heroes episode was named Eris Qoud Sum. And it was as explosive as it was predictive.

Right now, at the end of the episode, a line has been drawn and the heroes are running to either side, joining up and pretending to switch sides, trying to gain an advantage over the other side.

Daphne is pretending to be good, trying to get Matt to either fall in place with Pinehearst, or with the Company.

Which brings me to a second poll.



Sylar tries tot take on the Villains, and ends up joining with them. But he throws Peter, now powerless, out of  a window and it is suggested that he slowed the fall down, allowing Peter to escape mostly unharmed. Claire meanwhile, helps Elle, who has lost control of her power, by taking her to Pinehearst and conveniently enough manages to help Peter escape.

Mohinder joins Pinehearst and takes Maya with him, allowing Arthur Petrelli to take her power. MAya is all smiles but is terrified of Mohinder, who is all out villain now and seriously needs to die.

Nathan learns that his father is alive and decides, stupidly, to go to his father. Taking Tracy with him, leaving Noah Bennet and Meredith Gordon with the knowledge that the Company needs to regroup and prepare to take on Pinehearst.

Hiro meanwhile, argues with Usutu over how to prepare for the coming battle. Hiro refuses to go to the past, so Usutu prepared the same recipe that he made for Matt and threw him into the future, only this time, it throws Hiro into the past. Usutu says that the recipe has passed down through his family and takes people on spirit walks.

And when Arthur suggests that Daphne kill Matt, Maury reacts and Arthur kills him. So slowly, Arthur is killing off the villains, first with Adam, then Maury adopting a completely tyrannical rule over Pinehearst. Which i hope will cause the villains to divide themselves.

I was very thrilled that the episode title was in Latin, because i am learning Latin and i was actually able to translate it into English. Keep in mind that my Latin is very rudimentary: “You shall be as i am”

Which gave em a poem idea, which i guess is bad becasue NaNoWriMo starts soon, and i should be focusing on Novel Writing rather than in poetry, but i will write this one before the week is out. If i am lucky, before the day is out.