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The Problem With the (early) LDS

“The truth is Roy, there are many people who do not like our church. Somehow simply believing differently than others seems to be the only instigation, yet these people will say and do anything possible to discredit and denounce us. Unfortunately, lies and murder ARE in our past but they deal with lies about us and murder of our innocent members. Church members were beaten, imprisoned, murdered, and driven from their homes in the early days of the church and the US government, that we have always been in support of, didn’t support us when we needed them most. I would recommend reading an impartial history of the church in America and not one film maker’s twisted view of supposed history.”

The quote is from the wall of the Facebook group: LDS Life. Where a Mormon reader responds to another member’s question about the “real” history of the Mormon church, as the issue is addressed in the movie September Dawn.

The movie addresses one of the many massacres at the hands of the Mormons in their early history, and even though i haven’t seen the movie myself, it seems to be incredibly accurate. Of course, like the above comment points out, Mormons have always painted themselves the victims, when in reality, and historically, they are far from it.

I can say, without the shadow of any reasonable doubt, that the actions taken by the US Government against the newly emerged Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints was not an act of genocide, but an act of National Security. The leaders of the early Mormon Church, Joseph Smith and Brigham Young standing out, were, in plain terms, not only separatists, but terrorists, who could each of them be charged with several Crimes Against Humanity, not to mention multiple counts of rape, murder, bribery, and treason.

This is not to say that the members of the Mormon church at the time were all criminals, but many of them were, a simple walk though the historic collections at ASU, proves that. Although most modern Mormons are in fact, peace oriented, and overall incredibly kind people, their history, and their leaders, are covered in the blood of innocents who dared to believe something that they (the Mormons) did not.

Perhaps the best example of the arrogance and the threat that Joseph Smith posed was in the governmental system of Nauvoo. (and the current system of government in Utah) Where one man, allegedly chosen by God rules over a city council, whose members all believe him to be the incapable of err, and in turn these rule over Nauvoo. The entire system, aside from theocratic, is more akin to a monarchy. As Joseph Smith himself pointed out, the Lord would deliver the country to him and make him “King”. These ideas, combined with the doctrine of “Blood Atonement” (the belief that a person could, and should, be saved by spilling their blood in sacrifice to the Lord, a glamorized system of Human Sacrifice) and the forced marriages of women and girls to those “chosen” by the Lord surmount to America’s very first, homegrown terrorist and organized crime syndication.

After his death (which of course, i disagree with) Brigham Young emerged as the victor after a set of fights that gave birth to other Mormon factions (much like the death of Mohammed, Jesus, Buddha, and other, less pleasent character’s deaths left several factions vying for power) Of course, this change in government, did not improve the Mormon situation, and eventually led to The Mormon Wars, where armed militias of Mormons led attacks on unarmed non-Mormon civilians in order to take the resources needed to survive their self-imposed exile, and through these actions forced the US Army to openly declare and unofficial war with the Mormons, leaving countless dead on both sides fo the conflict. Thankfully these conflics lasted only months and eventually, after the death of Young, the Mormon Church was able to settle down, into a moslty respectably group of people.