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Why anything with Nature vs Nurture should be Immedietly Ignored.

In English, we read this very interesting article by Evolutionary Biologist Olivia Judson, and naturally, almost no one actually read it. I strongly believe that the teacher might not have read the article herself, because she really let the entire class move in a completely different direction than the article led. She began with the idea of Nature (Biology) and Nurture (Environmental) and that amused me, because i personally don’t believe in the idea or Nature vs Nurture, to me, setting up that distinction is similar if not identical to calling water and the plant opposing beings, rather than synergetic beings, of course, people still do the entire Fifty-Fifty argument, where they still separate both entities.

The discussion ignored the article’s idea of complimentary situations and moved into a rather boring and insanely repetitive and completely moronic discussion of Nature vs Nurture. The general consensus was proposed by one of the girls in my group and that was perhaps what shut me off to the entire discussion to begin with. She said that she did not see the point  of the women’s lib movement, because she really did not believe in the entire “women’s power” movement, she used a somewhat negative phrase that i purposefully forgot. But that sentiment, that men are just better at things and therefore deserve the larger salary, and that women were just better mothers and quote “rule and think with their emotions, while men do not” was prevalent in the entire discussion all while saying that there was nothing more to be done in women’s lib.

At this point i made a completely unintelligible sound in the back of my throat and had to restrain myself because i really wanted to yell at her. I really could explain what is wrong with that, but i think everyone understands.

I think that now, i really hate that class, and mainly because of the people in it. They seem to be incredibly stupid and i hope that i never eve3r have to see them again in my life. Luckily, class only meets nine more times this semester!!!

Environment affects the outcome of the entire biological process, and that biological process is likewise affecting the environment in which its housed.It reminds me of the book by Judith Rich Harris’s about the effect of parenting, where people generally believe that parenting has an effect on the raising of their children.