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Favorite Characters

Because I was bored.

In Books

1-Howard Roark, The Fountainhead
2-Anita Blake, The Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter Series.
3-Alice Cullen, Twilight Series
4-Wanderer, The Host
5-Warrick, Burnt Offerings
6-Jamie, The Host

In Movies

1-August Rush/Evan Taylor, August Rush
2-Jared and Simon Grace, The Spiderwick Chronicles
3-James Bourne, The Bourne Series
4-Edward R Murrow, goodnight and good luck
5-Flying Snow, Hero
6-Sivia Bromme, The Interpreter
7-Beatrix Kido, Kill Bill
8-The Phantom, The Phantom of the Opera
9-Violet, Ultraviolet.


1-Temperance Brennan, Bones
2-Gregory House, House
3-Allison DuBois, Medium
4-Jessica/Nikki Sanders, Heroes
5-Hiro Nakamura, Heroes
6-Dean Winchester, Supernatural


A Wizard of Earthsea

I finally read A Wizard of Earthsea. Even though i have read it once before, in seventh grade alongside The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, i dismissed it as a bad read. of course I later realized that I was wrong, but i actually forgot the book. Much like i vowed never to read anything by C.S. Lewis.

But since I’ve found myself with quite a bit of free time I’ve been able to go back and read the book again. And i was much impressed. I will now quite certain that after Heroes: Villains Premiere i will go back to Hayden and read all of her books (Heroes is in 22 hours!!!!!!! I am so insanely hyped up about that!!) over the next month. The reason i must read them there is because I’ve had my checking out privileges revoked due to unpaid bills. So, if you can’t reach me, it will be because I’m reading in the library, where i have no cellphone coverage.

And i am very sorry that i ever questioned the book. I knew that Ursula Le Guin is an awesome author, but i somehow dismissed this series. So, i’ve printed a ist of her works and i’m going to work my way down the list.

And i am incredibly happy that for the first time in my known life, i have found a hero of a fantasy novel who isn’t white!! I love it!

Anyway, i need sleep before Heroes, so good night and good luck!

Thomas Friedman on “drill, baby, drill”

I was remided of George Clooney’s Good Night and Goodluck:

We can deny our heritage and our history, but we cannot escape responsibility for the results. We proclaim ourselves indeed as we are, the defenders of freedom, wherever it continues to exist in the world. But we cannot defend freedom abroad by deserting it at home. The actions of the junior Senator from Wisconsin have caused alarm and dismay amongst our allies abroad, and given considerable comfort to our enemies. And whose fault is that? Not really his, he didn’t create this situation of fear, he merely exploited it, and rather successfully.

(Just replace junior Senator from Wisconsin with Bush, McCain, Gulianni, etc.)

You’ll understand why once you read Friedman’s article here:

Ce tout!

The Nurture Assumption

Yesterday I read the latest article in Satoshi Kanazawa’s Blog: The Scientific Fundamentalist (perhaps my favorite blog) about Harris’ book The Nurture Assumption.

And as I read about some of the the reposes I was once again shocked by how stupid people can be. Her argument (I haven’t finished the book yet, I barely started it) is simply that the people that children socialize with have a greater impact on their psyche’s rather than their parents. It may difficult to see how and why, but it is true.

A child spends more time learning and discussing things with peers than with their parents. Parents, in their selfish desire to protect children from conflict, will hide all of their potentially learning experiences from their children, thus causing children to turn to other people (possibly the media) to gain example of how to deal with problems.

(At this point , I really have no idea if this is even remotely close to the book, but this is only my observation)

I will, naturally, post more after i’ve finished the book and can talk about it in a inteliigent manner.

Gale Force

Just Finished Gale Force and I swear, Rachel Caine is becoming the queen of crapy cliffhangers. (i still love her though)

At the end of Firestorm, Joanne found herself with the Earth Oracle (in all places, Sedona, even she said it was funny) After Ashan kills her daughter (Imara) and Something Big happens, it wasn’t the best of an ending, but the book was good and i would read it again, actually i suggest everyone read the series.

Then In Thin Air, Joanne has no memories because of the Something Big that Ashan did in Firestorm. She finds herself face to face with a Demon who has all of her memories because of Ashan (who is now human) After running, fighting and doing all the other Joanne-y things (shopping, fast cars, sexy Djinn, evil sister, murdering in-law) She manages to get David back on her side and fights the Demon. The end is almost a cliffhanger, but not quite (oh and Ashan is Djinn again, taking the Old Djinn with him and leaving the New Djinn to David). We know that the Ma’at, the New and Old Djinn and the Wardens get together to work some major Mojo, they do, but we don’t get to read about it.

Later in Gale Force, the story picks up again really fast and in that awesome Caine style. Jo has to deal with the reporters and a new Demon? (she never really says what Bad Bob became, just hinted at Demon) and the New Djinn, recently free, end up victims to the Rule of Three. Joanne’s status is clearly, not human anymore, but Something Else (no idea what. half Demon-half Djinn maybe?)

David (Conduit of the New Djinn to Mother Earth) and Joanne (super human something) are going to get married. Everything goes to hell (almost literally) when the Sentinels (badly named new anti-Djinn group) attack Joanne. She once again saves the day. Not before she gets one Djinn killed, Rahel and David imprisoned and reactivated the Rule of Three problem. And then is turns out that Bad Bob isn’t dead. At the end of the novel, Joanne wins but Bob escapes and Joanne, David, Lewis and Kevin(along with Cherise) plan to follow Bob into the Cradle of Storms (Bermuda Triangle). 

And then its over, seriously, we have to wait until Weather Warden book eight to find out what happens. And even though I’m starting not to like the endings of the books, i am more and more in love with the story. The next book, (whose title I can’t wait for) promises to kick even more ass than the ones before!!

Thin Air

I’ve just finished reading Thin Air by Rachel Caine. 

My reactions and feelings are mixed. On one hand, the book was great, and the ending was good, as compared to what happened at the end of the last novel. On the other hand, i think she cut it prematurely, she could have told us more about the ritual between the Djinn, Wardens and Ma’at. I guess I understand where she’s coming from, but still, its like she was taking a bit away from us.