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The Idiot Ball

There is a quote somewhere about a TV screen writer who once asked “Who is carrying the idiot ball this week?”

In Heroes, there a lot of people carrying the Idiot Ball this week. Actually its more like four idiot balls.

They are in order of idiocy:

1-Hiro Nakamura. After Kaito clearly states that Hiro is NOT to open the safe Hiro, against Ando’s advice, opens the safe, then Daphne steals the formula. This is episode “The Second Coming” Then in “One of Us, One of Them” Hiro goes to find the second half of the Formula in order to fix his first mistake leads us to:

2-Ando Masahashi. In “One of Us, One of Them” Ando knocks the Haitian out, allowing Daphne to take the second Half of the Formula from Hiro. By the time he reacts, the Haitian has awoken and stops him from stopping time therefore letting Daphne escape.

3- Mohinder Suresh- Eager for powers and incredibly exited about having found a way to give them to anybody, Mohinder, against Maya’s advice, injects himself with his own version of the Formula. It gives him heightened senses, strength, flexibility, aggression and boosts his immune system (as well as a high craving for milk) Then he discovers that something is wrong with him. By “I Am Become Death” his aggression has caused him to interfere with a marital fight upstairs and chase off Maya. Then in the future part of the episode, he is hidden in his old, unkempt, dusty lab, where he has shut the windows and hides away from light, the walls are also covered in slime. He is at this point unsure if this is caused by his ability or if its an allergy. The only thing he is sure of of that “I got the formula wrong” Yeah, no shit, Suresh.

4- Matt Parkman, Knox, Claire Bennet, Daphne Millbrock, the African. Its a tie. Matt is following a turtle around becasue he thinks that its his totem. The African Man also points out that Parkman doesn’t read much, which if you could paint the future and know everything about a person, you’d know that Matt is very dislexic. Claire, Daphne, and Know follow shortly, after failing to realize that pissing off a former villain by killing his son might not make the best survival strategy, especially when his visiting dear brother also happens to have a toolbox of aquired abilities. As a result, Knox, Daphne and Noah end up dead, maybe in an alternate future, they should just follow Tracy’s example and jump off a bridge.

Which reminds me, I was wrong, Tracy isn’t a clone, she’s one of three, all whom the Company gave abilities. I smell Linderman, perhaps he should carry an honorary idiot ball.

So to sum up the episode:

Future Peter takes Present Peter to the future. Matt listens to music that makes him see the future (iTunes, which songs so i can buy them?) Tracy tries to turn herself in, Nathan sees Linderman, Future Peter shows Present Peter the Future where anone can aquire abilities via the Formula. Claire, the Haitian, Daphne and Knox corner them and Claire kills Future Peter, while Present Peter escapes to find Suresh, who had become some sort of animal mimic (I’m guessing lizard (like little Mohinder) Fly (perhaps hinting at the Fly remake?) or Cockroach (they’re everywhere, and Mohinder thinks highly at them, remember “genesis?”)) Then Present PEter goes to find Future Gabriel (Sylar) to get his ability. Gabriel, so fondly, prevents PEter from using his telepathy to get it out of him (so, new aquired ability?) and then teaches Peter how to use the ability after eh paint the future. Then all hell breaks loose, as Claire, Knox and Daphne show up, Noah dies, Sylar blows up Coasta Verde, and Peter ends up in a morgue somewhere, where he tries to harvest Nathan’s ability (even though he already has it.) then he teleports to the present to find Sylar who is amazed that Peter  had inherited his Hunger. Matt wakes up, and the rest was covered in the Idiot Ball section of this post.

The END.

Actually i’ve been watching Life too, its amazing, but i’m not entirely an obcessed fan just yet.

Next up: Why Turkey is run by morons, Johnny Clegg’s music rocks, Nelson Mandela likewise rocks, Sephen Carter carries the real version of the Idiot Ball, and The Tao of Writing.

oh, and Hiro and Ando dig up Adam Monroe.