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Long Time Gone.

Its seems that as soon as Heroes was over I stopped blogging and then, today, one day Before Fugitive’s starts, I come back.

Well, I have a reason for that, I’ve been busy, terribly terribly busy.

My life has been yanked out of its cyclical routine and I was completely dazed and lost, and forgot to come here. It’s a new semester you see, and it looks like, unlike last semester, this one is going to be GOOD!!

I am taking six classes, a full eighteen credit hours, and across three campuses too: One at Downtown, Two at West and three in Main. Which means that I’ve become very familiar with the new Light Rail and the Shuttles that ASU provides.

So this semester I’m taking:

STP 226: Elements of Statistics, which seems fun and I am enjoying, strange, because I usually hate math.

ASM 455: Primate Behavior Lab, which rocks!!! Because Dr. Nash is the instructor and its already a major challenge, making it my hardest class this semester.

ASB 102, because I got bored last semester and failed it. This semester I have a good teacher and the classroom is not full of idiots.

SPA 413: Advanced Spanish Grammar, and yes I very much like it.

SPA 426: Spanish Literature from 1700 to Present, which seems like it will be very interesting, plus the teacher is way smart, and a tad bitchy.

ENG 102: Composition, because I finally finished 101! Yay!!

I’ve also discovered that my much planned and expected trip to London may not work out, because I have no money, well, I have money, just not enough, Britain will have to wait for me, unless I can talk people into giving me money. And a lot of it, right now I’m a whole two thousand dollars short. I may have to find another way for getting the hell out of America. I will try and I swear I will go to London soon, maybe in the Summer if I can find those 2k’s or the Fall semester.

I went to see Underworld: Rise of the Lycans and loved it!! I also went to see Slumdog Millionaire, and I absolutely loved it (they will each get a post later on, after Heroes: Fugitives ep. 1)

The Borders closest to me closed about five hours ago, permanently. I am very, very sad and require coffee to cheer me up. 😦

I’ve read more of Le Guin’s Works, including The Tombs of Atuan, Very Far Away From Anywhere Else, Gifts, and I’m working on The Telling, Changing Planes and The Word for World is Forest.

Oh and January 20 was one of the HAPPIEST DAYS OF MY LIFE!! PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA!!!!

I was very pleased when he cut salaries and finally closed Gitmo! It looks as if America will finally grow a backbone and start respecting Human and Civil Rights. I was disappointed when Obama replied to Hugo Chavez’s congratulations by saying that he (Chavez) was impeding progress in South America, in fact, I’m still pissed at Obama for that, he really needs to stop making the same shitty mistakes that Bush made by pissing off Latin America.

For now, that’s all because it’s very late, or very early depends on how you look at it, either way i WANT COFFEE!!!!




I think I may have become a minimalist.

Apparently, I’m very good at summarizing things and giving minimalist examples. I came to this realization during my ASB104: Intro to Social-Cultural Anthropology Discussion. We were talking about language, one kid, a complete idiot named William or something, said that humans were the only um, being, that used vocal language as a mean of communication. My immediate though was “What the Fuck? are you kidding?” and then it occurred to me that he was a complete second hander. He only knew how to regurgitate whatever he’d heard before. I know that bush babies communicate because Dr. Nash specializes in bush babies. and i know that vervets have certain vocalizations that they use and each vocalization has a different meaning.

William defended his point with the argument that humans are the only species whose vocalizations differ in meaning across groups, but i know that in samiri, two different colonies may use entirely different vocalizations, and the species are still the same, because there hasn’t been enough time for speciation to occur. So we went on talking about language and thought.

The working question was ‘Does language determine how you think, or does you thinking determine your language’ I said that in a certain way language determines your thinking process. William, piped up and said something that i either ignored or forgot ( I seriously forgot if i forgot or ignored him) To which the teach responded with a huge smile. So i gave an example from my ENG class, where the different definitions of ’emptying mind’ came into play.  The entire process ended up falling on deaf ears because everyone ignored me, and the teacher moved over me. So my response was that in order for thoughts to form a language and completely prevent the influence of language on thought was if the community remained static, with no new births and no new members in the community. That was shot down quickly the the same argument that they used the first time.

Everyone agreed that i was wrong. But I have a reason I stick to this idea: I speak three languages.

What is the English word for soberbia? There is none, there is no such concept in English. So in English, you can be angry or you can be vengeful, but neither word really describes that feeling. Or if you’re in Mexico, you can be filled with soberbia.

Or even better, What is the English word for Arder, Ardeur in French? Well, you can itch, you can burn, you can be in pain, but you have no actual word for it. So in America we think in terms of burning, in terms of itching. In Mexico, in Spain, in France you can Arder.

I could go on.  But i fell, like I’ve proven my point. language does influence the way you think. the way you word things, the concepts you can understand, that’s how words are adopted. English such a rich language, has many words for concepts that we would have otherwise never some into contact with. And its thought eh language, that we arrive at the concept. True, originally the concept created the word. but eventually the word determined the concept. Poetry for example. the way that words are used give rise to concepts, they affect the way we think.

In class we ended up accepting the mild language has very little influence over thought. I agree, but I also believe that it has more influence than we believe.

Back to Minimalism. I’ve been thinking that i may be a bit of a minimalist because i use few words to describe certain things. At times i like being concise and at other times i like being verbose. So i may be a minimalist, only part of the time.

Tony DiFlore’s Real Hominids Please Stand Up

After Dr. Nash played this for us last year, I’ve been trying to find it. Finally i found it about five days ago!

It is teh most hilarious thing i’ve ever heard. You kind have to have at least a basic understanding of biological anthropology to get most of the jokes and refrences. but nonetheless, its amazing.