I was introduced to the Rwandan Genocide via Dr. Wayne Dyer in one of his talks about his book The Power of Intention, which led me to Immaculee Ilibagiza’s book, Left to Tell, back in 2004.

After reading Left to Tell, i was deeply moved, and deeply ashamed of the lack of international attention, especially the lack of action in part of the United States. Afterward i forgot about Rwanda, although it remained as a horror story in the back of my head.

It wasn’t until 2006, after hearing a friend mention Clinton’s Speech in Kigali, that i remembered Rwanda. And it was almost a year later when i read Clea Koff’s The Bone Woman that my interest in African Politics (Nelson Mandela is a personal hero of mine, and seeing the Blood Diamond in Africa issue Hollywood-ized made me slightly hopeful) finally went from a purely private interest to a more active and public interest.

I finally read The Bone Woman in the late spring of ’08 (a year after I had bought it) and my interest in the UN, Africa, genocide and Forensic Anthropology finally peaked. Since then, i have realized that not many people know about the Rwandan genocide, or the Bosnian Genocide, or the current situation in Darfur. Even more shocking and rage-inspiring to me is that nobody seems to care. The United States government, who stupidly declared war on Iraq, moved into Afghanistan, and now so furiously defends the Georgians, has completely ignored the struggles of the Sudan.

Since i have developed an intense love of International Politics and a great love of Humans and Human Rights. In the process, i have lost faith in my own government and have turned now to the UN, the EU and the OAU in hopes that they will help fix the problems in the world.


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