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Work was Actually Busy Today!

Today i actually got to run all around campus running errands, it felt good to be doing something other than sitting around.

Classes today were interesting and i have quite a bit to say about that, but right now, i’m running on 23.5 hours without sleep and i have a test later today at noon and i really want to get some sleep in before that. (what i want to know is: what IDIOT schedules a test on a Saturday? Isn’t the weekend supposed to be, y’know, THE WEEKEND! with NO CLASS and NO WORK!!) Anyway, good night, morning, whatever!


So the test, was a complete waste of time. It was terribly inconclusive and insanely arbritary. No more to say.


Classes, yeah, i’ve posted more on that.



Friday I was finally hired over at the Multicultural Student Services Center!

This is after almost three weeks of job hunting. I was terribly relieved when they said I had a job, because now I can start to shift focus away from boredom, over to work. Plus I have bills that I owe people, so I need the money. But as Bones would say “here’s the kickster:” I am only working four hours a week, which would be very nice, if I did not need more money, so I pretty much have to get a second job.

This will of course, be incredibly difficult, because i could barely get job one, and now I have to find job two, which must fulfill one criteria: leave me enough time for school and sleep. Entertainment comes naturally: dreams, and reading in the boring classes. But actual homework actually requires time dedicated specifically for that purpose.

So the job hunt continues, except now its harder than before.


First Day of: Classes, Democratic Conventions and Job Hunting.

First, I have class to go to, which I have to admit right now, I have missed going to.

In ASB 102, a class I think I’m going to hate, I felt at home. Once I was in the Lecture hall and the instructor started talking, it felt like it was all good now, and I was right where I belonged. Maybe it felt odd because last semester I didn’t have a large lecture class, and this semester I have two. After that I went for lunch, and noticed that I had signed up for a class on another campus, which was quite odd. So after lunch I went to the library and fixed it on my computer, read a couple of blogs, and went over the NY Times online. I’m avoiding CNN until tonight, when the conventions start.

I have Biology after this, and I know that I’m either going to hate it or love it. It feels odd taking BIO 100 AFTER ASM343: Primatology. I have the feeling that I’m already going to know everything, or that I’m going to start talking and end up over-explaining the hell out of everything, and therefore making everyone hate me, or asking me to shut up. One good thing about taking freshman classes is that the freshmen this year are hotter than the freshman last year, which of course I had very little classes with.

Now, about the conventions. I am really afraid that Michelle Obama is going to say something stupid (again) and make Obama look bad, not that he needs the help, but she might. Although I don’t think she’s speaking today. I am a Clinton Democrat, but I have to support Obama, because the alternative is McCain, who I hate even more. I respect him as a politician but only as a senator, not as president. Obama has not the experience or the determination to be president; he’s kind of like a little boy playing dress up in his papa’s clothes.

Now about job hunting, I have filled out an application at the library, which I’m going to submit for every possible open position there, I really need a job and I’m starting not to care how much pay is. I like higher pay obviously but I might have to settle for something a little lower. I was also thinking about filling out an application over at Borders but I think I’ve decided not to, I have no idea why, but it think I have. For jobs on campus I actually have a little list of places I have to go, although I’m considering not bothering to go. I actually heard from my first choice in jobs, over at the school of Music but “the position had already been filled” so I was out of luck in that department. My own Department doesn’t have job openings, which is sad for me, because that would make more sense if I got a job there.