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Favorite Characters

Because I was bored.

In Books

1-Howard Roark, The Fountainhead
2-Anita Blake, The Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter Series.
3-Alice Cullen, Twilight Series
4-Wanderer, The Host
5-Warrick, Burnt Offerings
6-Jamie, The Host

In Movies

1-August Rush/Evan Taylor, August Rush
2-Jared and Simon Grace, The Spiderwick Chronicles
3-James Bourne, The Bourne Series
4-Edward R Murrow, goodnight and good luck
5-Flying Snow, Hero
6-Sivia Bromme, The Interpreter
7-Beatrix Kido, Kill Bill
8-The Phantom, The Phantom of the Opera
9-Violet, Ultraviolet.


1-Temperance Brennan, Bones
2-Gregory House, House
3-Allison DuBois, Medium
4-Jessica/Nikki Sanders, Heroes
5-Hiro Nakamura, Heroes
6-Dean Winchester, Supernatural


Heroes Dives

The last time i posted something about Heroes was way back at Eris Quod Sum, just before November started. Since, I have been amused, exited, terrified and lately, disappointed by Heroes.

In Villains, a go into the past and fill in hole in the plot episode, we explore the lives of Meredith, Flint, Angela, Arthur, Linderman, Elle, Sylar and Nathan. This episode had its ups and its down and almost, almost, served as a kind of comic relief between the first appearance of a major Villain (Arthur Petrelli, with his power theft ability) and the continuation where lines have been drawn and Villains face off against Heroes. The entire affair having a beautifully deranged biblical edge to it as Arthur Petrelli (to whom I fondly refer too as Papa Petrelli) leads the Villains and his wife Angela Petrelli (my favorite character, fondly known by me as Mama Petrelli) leads the surviving Heroes.

Except this episode failed. Rather then giving us only relevant information, the writers/creators gave us the beginning of another bad romance (they apparently did not get it when West/Claire, Maya/Mohinder and Hiro/Princess bombed that they cannot write romances) this time between Elle and Sylar, who would make and amazingly psychotic couple much like Arthur and Angela, if they were still evil. Elle is not lost and confused int eh world and so is Sylar, so pairing them would be a natural occurrence, except that they’re both lamenting life rather than kicking ass.

Meredith and Flint were a funny pair, that amused me and managed to keep the sideline (a sports metaphor, did i get it right?) busy. And one quote from them made it into my favorites “You know what Daddy used to say: ‘God gave you a big sister instead of a brain.”

Flint i still think is an idiot, and i’m not really interested in him, other than that “sweet sweet power of his”(quoting Sylar)

The main interest of the episode however, were Arthur and Angela. Arthur with his ability (no idea who he stole it from) would keep forcing his thoughts on his wife, explaining why Matt’s power took a while to work on her in Season 2. She being absent minded and lost, much like Sandra after the Haitian, was healed by Linderman in an ususal display of humanity, which makes me think that me may not be that good a villain, since he seems to be a bit of a Hero. Then Angela poisons Arthur, and believes him to be idea, but he, using his telepathic abilities convinced the doctor to pronounce him dead. As it turns out, it wasn’t Linderman who wanted Nathan dead at the beginning of season one, it was Arthur.

All of this occurred, of course, in Hiro’s mind, who took the magic potion that the African cooked up for Matt, then for him.

In th end, Arthur kills Usutu (the African) and attacks Hiro.

This episode was OK. Not my favorite. It wasn’t a complete failure, but it was close enough. Other than the humor and the Arthur Angela back story, We could have done without it.

Eris Quod Sum

Last night’s Heroes episode was named Eris Qoud Sum. And it was as explosive as it was predictive.

Right now, at the end of the episode, a line has been drawn and the heroes are running to either side, joining up and pretending to switch sides, trying to gain an advantage over the other side.

Daphne is pretending to be good, trying to get Matt to either fall in place with Pinehearst, or with the Company.

Which brings me to a second poll.



Sylar tries tot take on the Villains, and ends up joining with them. But he throws Peter, now powerless, out of  a window and it is suggested that he slowed the fall down, allowing Peter to escape mostly unharmed. Claire meanwhile, helps Elle, who has lost control of her power, by taking her to Pinehearst and conveniently enough manages to help Peter escape.

Mohinder joins Pinehearst and takes Maya with him, allowing Arthur Petrelli to take her power. MAya is all smiles but is terrified of Mohinder, who is all out villain now and seriously needs to die.

Nathan learns that his father is alive and decides, stupidly, to go to his father. Taking Tracy with him, leaving Noah Bennet and Meredith Gordon with the knowledge that the Company needs to regroup and prepare to take on Pinehearst.

Hiro meanwhile, argues with Usutu over how to prepare for the coming battle. Hiro refuses to go to the past, so Usutu prepared the same recipe that he made for Matt and threw him into the future, only this time, it throws Hiro into the past. Usutu says that the recipe has passed down through his family and takes people on spirit walks.

And when Arthur suggests that Daphne kill Matt, Maury reacts and Arthur kills him. So slowly, Arthur is killing off the villains, first with Adam, then Maury adopting a completely tyrannical rule over Pinehearst. Which i hope will cause the villains to divide themselves.

I was very thrilled that the episode title was in Latin, because i am learning Latin and i was actually able to translate it into English. Keep in mind that my Latin is very rudimentary: “You shall be as i am”

Which gave em a poem idea, which i guess is bad becasue NaNoWriMo starts soon, and i should be focusing on Novel Writing rather than in poetry, but i will write this one before the week is out. If i am lucky, before the day is out.

Anita Blake Comic

I am not really a fan of comic books. Actually, I’ve never read any, until Laurell K. Hamilton’s Anita Blake Series was made into one.

Now I read those and the Heroes Webcomic of course. They just finished publishing Guilty Pleasures and now started with The Laughing Corpse, except these come marked as out of 5 which makes me wonder, are they doing it in two parts or are they cutting parts out of the novel?

The cover of Issue 1 amused the hell out of my mom. Anita is dressed in a pink dress that looks like something someone might have worn to a prom, except Anita is also sporting a shotgun over one shoulder, aiming a Browning Hi-Power at the reader and the side of an Uzi is peaking from behind her back. My mom’s comment was

“Some Prom”

And I had to laugh back, because since she’s only read one Anita Blake novel, she really has no idea that this is one of the more “mild” books.

So, now I’m going to go watch more Weeds, after I read my little Anita Blake comic book, and eat, I think I’ll go out for a steak.

Newfound Guilty Pleasure: Dancing With the Stars

I have never really been a fan of Dancing with the Stars. I’ve been a huge fan of the Mexican incarnation of the show, but the American Version never quite caught my eye, until Monday night, well, Wednesday, when i found the show on since I missed it because of Heroes.

One of my fist questions was: whose brilliant idea was it to include the old lady (whose name alas, i have forgotten (no disrespect meant to the old lady) sure she may be strong but she’s old! Dancing in this competition is clearly not for her, i really want to go scream at the doctor who approved that!!

But in my opinion, the stage belonged to Cody Linley. (two things: One, that is one amazing body! and Two: Damn, that guy can move!, plus his partner is . . . interesting-looking?) Although he did carry that universally complacent rebel attitude about him, he managed to impress me, and dance, which i suppose is the whole point of the competition.

Dance is of course, one thing that i cannot do, and one thing that i will never do. i am just not capable of that kind of happiness i suppose, that kind of display. Although my ideas are often on display, there is something terribly mundane about dancing. I understand the emotional and, if no other word can describe it, spiritual power of dance, but i really cannot participate. Maybe that’s why seeing other people dance is so interesting, because you can tell quite a bit about them, in their dance.

So anyway, back to Dancing with the Stars. Kim Kardashian, who if it weren’t for Chelsea Handler, i would have no idea who the hell she is,  was voted off, which means that there are ten couples left, and my favorite (Julianne and Cody, naturally) are still there, making me happy, (usually the people i like get voted off competitions fairly quickly, a good example of my eccentric tastes perhaps?) Although (strange i keep using that word today) i don’t think that Cody and Julianne count as odd favorites. Maybe the age thing Cody being eighteen and all, but that just means he has more energy and, anthropologically speaking, more to gain in all relevant fields. He already has the sex appeal (at least, i think he does), his body can take more damage (unlike Cloris, her elasticity and healing properties are gone, much like a cup of already boiled green tea leaves) and the girl he’s paired with would give anyone incentive to aim for the stars (bad pun fully intended)

In overview, i have a newfound guilty pleasure: Dancing with the Stars, oh, and green tea, the one at starbucks, i am not kidding.