I am a Double Major (English Creative Writing and Biological Anthropology) at Arizona State University.

I am an Atheist Mexican-American of Aragonese descent, and speak Spanish, English and French.

Because of my unique heritage and my lack of belief in fairy tales, I often find myself face to face with truly unpleasant people (*ahem* Christians *cough*) and very philosophical types who really need a shrink (for all the good THAT will do)

I believe, that there is a naturalistic (how I hate that word!!) and rational explanation for almost everything, except of course, impossible things i.e. god and ghosts, etc.

Religion, once upon a time had a purpose, but is hopelessly outdated and needs to go away, it did more damage than it actually helped so its usefulness is questionable at this point.

Other than that, I have nothing more to say about myself, other than I love Heroes (I am a HUGE fan, if you even don’t know what to talk about with me, just mention Heroes, I can’t promise I’ll let YOU talk, but I will). I love food (obviously) and anything relating to evolutionary theory, sociocultural differences and similarities, politics, genocide (unless you think its a good thing, in which case I hope you get trampled by a thousand camels and your body is eaten by crocodiles in the Nile) , the UN, the OAU, the EU and Africa.


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