Despicable Me

Many things about quite possibly my new favourite movie.
First off, the kid in the opening sequence (Justin) way too fat to actually run up the scaffolding of the pyramid, he is way too fat to outrun the Egyptian security, this is insanely amusing.

Another thing, The intro is perfect, Because it shows Gru as he is, he creates happiness, so he may take it away, a true Villain!

Then enter the Minions, hey are essentially highly trained children, with insane senses of humor. More about them later.
So, Miss Hatty, I totally called it! The moment I saw her, I knew that she was going to be a total bitch. Writer’s instinct I guess.

The Box of Shame is . . .incredible! I suppose that villains come in all sorts of forms, both those with Boxes of Shame and those with Shrink rays. . .

One thing that really put this movie together for me was the fact that we have hints at subplot form the very beginning, everything is foreshadowed at least once, and the characters actually have personalities, We see Edith’s annoyances from the beginning, as well as Agnes’ unicorn obsession and her willingness to see everything in a very positive light, unlike the aforementioned Edith tends to see the negative. The older sister, Margo, is caring and well rounded, although clearly vengeful.

The call from Gru’s mother also greatly helps the story, It sets up background info for later and also helps ground the story, in a world where Shrink Rays and Freeze rays exist, annoying mothers are also still a problem.
Of course, although Gru has a reason to be a villain, he is also villainous and evil because he can.His random acts of violence clearly portray this.

Enter Vector, Vector is a bored son of a Villain Banker. He is simply living up to expectations without even trying, able to actually do real villainy, he’s simply trying to impress someone. He is generally uncaring about the world, other than his image.

Of course, this makes the fight between them even better. After Gru and Dr. Nefario have their little disagreement, Gru decided to take on Vector for lying to him and kidnapping the girls.

Of course, the story follows a predictable pattern, Gru needs the girls, he grows to like them, they are taken from him, he recovers them, although in the process he also discovers his heroic side. A classic story, but it is the writing that makes it spectacular, particularly the dialogue.

In the end, all the strings are tied together, Vector is defeated, the mother is proud, Gru keeps the girls. and everyone is happy. Even the subplots with the floating minion is brought to a close in the end.


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