Gay Marriage in two States.

I am celebrating. These past seven days have been amazing when it comes to gay rights.
Sweden, an already liberal country, moved forward and legalized gay marriage, adding themselves to a growing list of countries whose civil, human and equal rights are further ahead than us at the USA. America is quickly losing its claim as the best country in the world, and very much losing its authority in the world. Well, partially, this week, Vermont and Iowa legalized gay marriage as well. Iowa came as a shock, but Vermont I kind of expected, even though I was actually worried for a while, especially after the governor vetoed the bill. But this morning when I saw a gay marriage alert in my e-mail inbox, I was exited after I read it; of course I saw a whole list of annoying conservative posts (some on blogs) on the conservative websites, like the ever amusing Americans for Truth, and a few others. After I read through those and laughed at them I needed up being very happy.


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