Cultural Assumptions

While reading my old textbook for English 101, I found a section in it about what the author calls “Cultural Assumptions” that is things that we take for granted.
The examples she gives are:

1-Communities accept us for who we are
2-True love conquers all, and
3-Entertainment is just for fun

I don’t know about anyone else, but I never believed these things.

Communities accept you as long as you provide them with the sense of dominance or a reason to admire you or a sense of assistance. That is, that people will accept you in a community as long as you make them feel like they can be in control, they can count on you for help or you remind them of what you want to accomplish or what you have accomplished.

True love, what the fuck is “true love”? I love you, you love me too? How do you even define that? if it is the willingness to sacrifice everything for a person because you love them, then it does not conquer all. Because I have been willing to do anything to help a person I loved, and it was all for nothing. So I don’t believe that. They’re too many factors for True Love to even be able to gain a foothold in our lives.

“The soap operas, the fairy tales, they all lie, True Love does not conquer all”- Anita Blake.

Entertainment is just for fun.

huh? It may start out that way, but int he end you always take away something with you always. Whether it be a “Never do that again” or a “the relationship between Catherine and Heathcliff reminds me of my relationship with Daniel” or even a “can a Demon be hurt by fire?” which is at least a stray thought that may invoke more thinking. It might of been fun, but you noticed something, something stayed with you. And that is more than just “fun”


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