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Does not this word

sound like the call

of the death bird

at midnight?

You dare not say it

since the pictures of life

will fade into dark

shadows: ghostly dreams

will side from your heart

and feed on your blood.

So after much debate and a lot of hesitating, I finally decided to watch the old style, black and white horror movies. Nosferatu, Frankenstein, Faust, Bride of Frankenstein, Son of Frankenstein, Ghost of Frankenstein, House of Frankenstein, Dracula, The Mummy, Wolfman, Frankenstein meets the Wolfman, Abbott and Costello meet Frankenstein, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, The Phantom of the Opera, London after Midnight, Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde, and so on and so forth. I’ve also just seen Bram Stokers Dracula, which I think was made in the eighties. And was very much impressed with its blatant eroticism, perceived naitivite, and the overall visual style, except for the green mist. The mist needed to be white to represent a twisted form of purity, as the antithesis of spiritual immortality rather than the physical substitute that vampires are known for. Although the metaphor of the sickly green light is not at all lost on me.

I have likewise decided, that even though I enjoy and write contemporary vampire fiction and Urban Fantasy that I should finally read Dracula and Camilla other classic vampire pieces so that I can still honor and reflect the traditional vampire, while allowing it to evolve in my writing to reflect modern issues, concerns and modern social criticism. ( I have a problem with Stephanie Meyer’s sexless, de-fanged and overall strictly moral vampires.) and again, the attempted metaphor does not elude me.


Mama Petrelli

As you might have guessed, i have a bit of a love affair with Angela Petrelli. For several reasons.

First, she has an amazing ability that i would very much enjoy, it seems like a bit of a useless ability, dreaming the future, but think of all the possible uses! You could dream that flat tire the night before you had it, you could enjoy pretending that you were actually surprised at your birthday party, You could buy and sell stocks and bonds on time, you could buy flowers in advance for that family funeral, you could get the right color clothes for the new baby, the possibilities are endless. Hell you could probably abort the next Hitler, or the next Bush, before he was even born!!

Well, aside from her ability.

Angela has a delicious sense or moral ambiguity. She has no problem getting what she needs, like finding the perfect killing machine (Sylar) and bending him to her will will with a little white lie. And even when it appears that she’s out of the game at the beginning of fugitives, we find out that she’s been moving Nathan like Doyle does his marionettes from behind the huge Mr. Bennet screen. And of course, how she downsized Dank with a pair of sentences! I almost had a heart attack just thinking about it: Mama Petrelli vs Danko!! of course, it appears that Danko won (he did find out that Nathan can fly) but in the end, Mama Petrelli has already set that game piece in play and watched it all play out, just like it did in her dreams no doubt.

But perhaps the best reason i absolutely LOVE Angela Petrelli is because she’s amazing at moving behind the scenes. Whereas Peter and Nathan and the others are all about flying and breaking into offices and freezing planes in midair, the Petrelli Matriarch runs the world from her comfortable bed, with those oh so good oysters! (damn its been a while since I’ve had some!) and her couch. And she doesn’t even need a BlackBerry. (i am entirely convinced that you could run the world from a BlackBerry, or maybe an iPhone?) Even when Nathan is at the top of the world, Mom can still drag him under, and that rocks.

It also helps that her now deceased (or apparently deceased) husband and her ahd a huge war or Biblical proportions. And she won in the end, I believe that its because she plotted while she acted, and Arthur mostly sat around drawing pictures and collecting psychos.  And Angela had the advantage too, Arthur had to sit and draw, Angela just had to REM.  Plus Arthur went after near uncontrollable figures, and Angela pooled her resources and struck with planned attacks, except for Peter, but we know how that he’s a moron. She had Bennet, an expert hunter, the Haitian, the Company’s most valuable asset, Claire, the Immortal Cheerleader, Peter, once the most powerful Evolved Human around, and last, Meredith, the Flamethrowing super hot mom (pun perhaps intended). Arthur just had a bunch of gangsters who really could not be controlled. sure Sylar is scary all on his own, and i would not want to mess with either Know, Flint, Tracy or Mohinder, but they had personal agendas that got in the way of the BIG PICTURE (i felt i should cap that)

But once you put them together, they’re due to kill themselves.  and Angela’s kids all know how to play nice, except for Sylar who switched sides, kind of.

So there it is, a whole blog post about my favorite Hero/Villain Mrs Angela Petrelli. now remember children:

“Truth is relative my dear, youll learn that once youre old enought”