A Clear and Present Danger

The beginning of Fugitives seems promising. It does have a bit of a Prison Break season two feel, but it think this will make it all that more interesting. One thing that caught me by surprise is that Bennet is working with the Hunter and with Nathan, i did not see that one comming.

Of course i want to know: How the hell did Syalr survive!? He was cut ff from his ability and then burned, that would have left him at a chared mess if not ash, yet somehow, he’s out to find his real parents. Oh, and i have a theory. Remember back in season one when Brody (SP?) kills Claire and she wakes up in a autopsy table where she comes back? Well, I’m guessing same thing happened to Sylar.

In Villains, Sylar was a bit annoying, but now that’s he’s back on his own, i am very happy. The best part of the episode was when the Hunter’s men tried to take him down and failed miserably. That one action packed minute gave me a new-found respect for Sylar, especially after being  such a pathetic fighter in Villains. The best line from the show is probably, Sylar’s “Uh, a challenge, i do love a challenge”

Anyway. I’ve been missing Supernaturla because i have class at that time. Actually i have class during Heroes, but this week i missed the bus and didn’t go to class because of that. An no, i did not miss the bus on purpose.


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