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My self imposed hiatus, or online exile, is over. I’ve been busy, doing little unimportant things. Like watching the Heroes Volume Three finale over and over, Counting down until Volume Four, watching an insane amount of movies and writing short stories, not to mention having a major fight with my dad, spending Christmas with my family, eating like crazy and other things.

So, about “Dual” I loved it. Nathan needs to die, and so does Mohinder. Sylar is finally dead? or maybe not, but i would be very pissed I he was not. Angela is still around, which makes me incredibly happy, and she’s not Sylar’s mommy, much to my disappointment.

Christmas with my family was interesting and slightly boring. I was way tired because i had an incredible amount of work to do before everyone showed up.

My dad pretty much hates me because he’s depressed and somehow its my fault, haha, fuck you!

The Day the Earth Stood Still and Australia have to be added to my Top Ten Favorite Movies, which is not a Top Twelve Favorite Movies. And my DVD Collection grew almost exponentially this month as compared to last month.

Sarah Brightman rocks!! enough said.

My computer is acting dumb, i have not been messing with it, until yesterday, when i needed to get away from the obnoxious cousin when i finally got it to work properly and i was not kicked off facebook or gmail for no reason.

I have written three short stories and i promised myself i would write another three before the year is up. oh yeah, first New Year’s Resolution, actually finish a novel!!

That’s all for now.