Twilight (the Movie)

So last night i went to see Twilight, as it turns out, eleven PM on a Tuesday is a good time to go see a movie.

To me Twilight was deliciously comical and overall, a bit dragged down and slow. I actually enjoyed James, Laurent and Victoria’s screen time more than i enjoyed Edward’s screen time. True, he was incredibly cute in some scenes and in others he was not at all. Bella was great, the actress was awesome, but something was off in the character, i have no idea what it was, but it was odd. The best roles were the minor ones, by far.

Alice rocked the screen, and her happy demeanor was contagious. Emmet was amazing and definitely merited more screen time, Carlisle was creepy but likable, Rosalie was one adorable bitch, Jasper was lost, and Esme was almost non existent and should have had a little more interaction.

The best character overall had to be Charlie. His humor, hopelessly lost attitude and caring silent father role was played to perfection, he was also the source of a good number of laughs.

The Edward/Jacob dimension was played into and was wonderfully portrayed.

The best part aside from the humor was the fight. The worst part had to have been the slow and dragging attitude and the non-dramatic sparkling Edward, who was not at all like diamonds.

Go see it, and take something to snack on for the first half and then the last ten minutes, trust me, you’ll need it.


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