Heroes Dives

The last time i posted something about Heroes was way back at Eris Quod Sum, just before November started. Since, I have been amused, exited, terrified and lately, disappointed by Heroes.

In Villains, a go into the past and fill in hole in the plot episode, we explore the lives of Meredith, Flint, Angela, Arthur, Linderman, Elle, Sylar and Nathan. This episode had its ups and its down and almost, almost, served as a kind of comic relief between the first appearance of a major Villain (Arthur Petrelli, with his power theft ability) and the continuation where lines have been drawn and Villains face off against Heroes. The entire affair having a beautifully deranged biblical edge to it as Arthur Petrelli (to whom I fondly refer too as Papa Petrelli) leads the Villains and his wife Angela Petrelli (my favorite character, fondly known by me as Mama Petrelli) leads the surviving Heroes.

Except this episode failed. Rather then giving us only relevant information, the writers/creators gave us the beginning of another bad romance (they apparently did not get it when West/Claire, Maya/Mohinder and Hiro/Princess bombed that they cannot write romances) this time between Elle and Sylar, who would make and amazingly psychotic couple much like Arthur and Angela, if they were still evil. Elle is not lost and confused int eh world and so is Sylar, so pairing them would be a natural occurrence, except that they’re both lamenting life rather than kicking ass.

Meredith and Flint were a funny pair, that amused me and managed to keep the sideline (a sports metaphor, did i get it right?) busy. And one quote from them made it into my favorites “You know what Daddy used to say: ‘God gave you a big sister instead of a brain.”

Flint i still think is an idiot, and i’m not really interested in him, other than that “sweet sweet power of his”(quoting Sylar)

The main interest of the episode however, were Arthur and Angela. Arthur with his ability (no idea who he stole it from) would keep forcing his thoughts on his wife, explaining why Matt’s power took a while to work on her in Season 2. She being absent minded and lost, much like Sandra after the Haitian, was healed by Linderman in an ususal display of humanity, which makes me think that me may not be that good a villain, since he seems to be a bit of a Hero. Then Angela poisons Arthur, and believes him to be idea, but he, using his telepathic abilities convinced the doctor to pronounce him dead. As it turns out, it wasn’t Linderman who wanted Nathan dead at the beginning of season one, it was Arthur.

All of this occurred, of course, in Hiro’s mind, who took the magic potion that the African cooked up for Matt, then for him.

In th end, Arthur kills Usutu (the African) and attacks Hiro.

This episode was OK. Not my favorite. It wasn’t a complete failure, but it was close enough. Other than the humor and the Arthur Angela back story, We could have done without it.


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