Two hours ago my cell phone started ringing like crazy. This was about a minute after Obama was projected as the winner. All of the calls were happy ones, except for one” Arizona Prop 102, passed.

I celebrated nonetheless.

America has finaly elected a African-American to the White House, and after the worst eight years in our recent history, hope is finally back on the table. Not only did Obama win, but the Democratic Party has taken majority both in the House and in the Senate. which means that all of  the bills that were vetoed by our current president, now stand a chance after Obama’s inaguration, and hopefully, we will have a president that will actually do something about the Iraq problem and somehtign about our economic status.

Prop 102 passed. as i’ve said, meaning that the Arizona Constitution now defines marriage as being only between one man and one woman. That needs to change, and in 2010, we will try to change that.

so, all in all



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