Anita Blake Comic

I am not really a fan of comic books. Actually, I’ve never read any, until Laurell K. Hamilton’s Anita Blake Series was made into one.

Now I read those and the Heroes Webcomic of course. They just finished publishing Guilty Pleasures and now started with The Laughing Corpse, except these come marked as out of 5 which makes me wonder, are they doing it in two parts or are they cutting parts out of the novel?

The cover of Issue 1 amused the hell out of my mom. Anita is dressed in a pink dress that looks like something someone might have worn to a prom, except Anita is also sporting a shotgun over one shoulder, aiming a Browning Hi-Power at the reader and the side of an Uzi is peaking from behind her back. My mom’s comment was

“Some Prom”

And I had to laugh back, because since she’s only read one Anita Blake novel, she really has no idea that this is one of the more “mild” books.

So, now I’m going to go watch more Weeds, after I read my little Anita Blake comic book, and eat, I think I’ll go out for a steak.


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