A Busy Week

I haven’t posted in about a week, because I’ve been busy, and strangely, still sick.

Anyway. Monday was Heroes, and the episode was Dying of the Light. And after the almost dragging last two episodes, this one rocked!

Papa Petrelli has the ability ot absorb other people’s abilities, and he begins by taking Adam Monroe’s after Knox delivers him. Adam turns to dust after he looses his ability, therefore killing him.

Arthur Petrelli then gets up and rounds up his villains,  sending Daphne, Hiro (after fake stabbing Ando) and Know to bring them to him. Then Hiro gets in trouble with Utusu, who teaches him to think and not rely on his powers. Utusu painted a picture of the Pinehearst logo and four villains who Hiro must go after.

Meanwhile, Matt tries to convince Daphne that she’s supposed to fall in love with him. Daphne finds out that Pinehearst is evil and advises Matt not to join.

Mama Petrelli is in a coma after she dreams Papa Petrelli around. Sylar helps Peter recover in order to help their mom, after which they have a much overdue fight. Peter wins and takes off to take on the villains.

Once there he freaks out because its his dad who’s in charge, he hugs him and Arthur takes his powers as well, finishing the episode with Hiro and Ando in Africa, Daphne, Flint, Knox, Maury and Arthur Petrelli at Pinehearst and a powerless Peter.


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