Why People Believe in God

After my Church experience, i had an idea:

Zero Accountability.

If you believe in the Ultimate Lie, and justify it, then you can believe in anything you want without having to worry about the consequences or the evidence against it.

You can believe that being gay is a choice, because your mind is already made up and prepared to believe anyhting you want, because your reasoning skills are undercut by an obcession with being right, despite the evidence against it.

You can beieve that African Americans are cursed since birth becasue God said so, and therefore you can discriminate against them. You can believe that killing someone is right, becausethey did somethign wrong, but at teh same time you can believe that no matter what you do, you are still better than everyone else, because God said so, because you’ve been forgiven.

It sounds like a bad case of the so called slippery slope, where one person assumes that one thing will naturally lead to another, when in fact both things have nothign in common, like the idea that women voting will grant woting right to hampsters, or that allowing gay marriage will make beastiality legal, and so on and so forth. Except this time i am right, and it is actually not a fallatic problem: Rather than a little lie becoming big, you have a HUGE lie becoming little, like watering down.

Believing in God is a good excuse for believing other bullshit. Actually, its a damned good excuse. If you change your God to believe everyhtign you do, then you’re good, this works even better if you have absolutely no scripture to back it up, becasue then you don’t have to listen to the scripture against it.

Which of course, means that i can’t argue with these people becasue they’re so far gone out on the limb of deluided that absolutely no reason can reach them.


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