Angels, Demons and Monsters

Last night’s Heroes episode was named Angels and Monsters.

It seems that these past weeks I’ve been dealing with my own Demons (not monsters) and Angels. I have no idea what they are, but they seem to be plaguing me. Both the Angels and the Demons seem to be getting in the way, so i think today might be a contemplating day. I seem to have an usual amount of free time of late and i have no idea what to do with it. Like today, i have nothing to do until seven thirty at night, so  i need something to do until then, i mean i have breakfast, then lunch and then dinner, but i have nothing else to do before class. Its almost painful, because when i have nothing to look forward too, i tend to sleep, and when i tend to oversleep, I get killer headaches.

I think i need a shopping spree. To just go randomly spend a shitful of money, except i have no money. And i just spent all of yesterday reading at the bookstore, and i kind of don’t want to do it again, because i feel king of pathetic. Plus, i have no money and walking around thousands of potentially buyable things is most masochistic, kind of like being black and Mormon.

So, i really want to do something, other than sit around, read, watch TV, eat, sleep. You know, something active. I don’t even have homework, seriously, i don’t.  So, today is kind of a trial thing, i might have to go walking around. See if if can find something to do.


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