Country Hunting

So, I mentioned that I was looking for a way out of the United States. (One reader in England warned me that that country sucked, and recommended Spain) And I though I would explore this moving out and away idea further.

Tempe is nice, i like living here. The atmosphere is crowded and a tad older, with just the right hints of the new. Plus, everything I really need is in walking distance. Except fro the movie theather, its just a bit further away than what i would eb confortable walking, mostly becasue there is alot of empty space between both places (where i live and Tempe Marketplace)

I could just stay put, or move elsewhere in the country. San Diego is awesome, except the water there sucks, tastes like fish (but the beach, especially Mission Bay, make up for that) so i have considered ending up some day. Living in Arizona seems like a bad idea, i’ve lived here half of my life anyway, and its been boring (well, Tempe isn’t) It would all be good, if it was not for the overwhelming passive hosility.

So, possibly California, if I were to stay here in the USA. I’m thinking of using leftover scholarchip money to visit oter places in the USA, maybe Florida (don’t know much about) Seattle (same) maybe somewhere in Virginia or Maryland, and i know that at some point i’m going to end up un Manhattan, because the UN Headquarters is there, on International ground.

So countries I’m considering moving too:

Spain, I already speak spanish, not as good as it should be, but much better than most Mexican-Americans, which is saying something. Plus Spain seems like a nice place to live.

England, I still like the idea of London, i’ll have to actualy go there, to see. Plus gay marriage is legal in Britain.

Mexico, going back is always acceptable, except i have no idea if i can pull off permanently living there. Nothing wrong with the country, but some things I love are in short supply in most of the country.

Ireland, maybe i should say somewhere in the UK

Canada, its very calm, and active at the same time. Its a nice place, but a visit is in store.

Countries that caught my attention:

Romania, seems like a history rich country

New Zealand, seems kind of out of the way.

Countries that i would never consider moving too:

Israel, Turkey, China, India and Iran.

SO, right now i’m digging though information about these and other countries, i mean there are about two hundred countries, i’m due to find one with people who are not compete idiots. Hey, maybe Japan? ]

Case being, American politics are bull, life in the US is bull, i want out.


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