Cody Linley

I’ve put this particular post in the back of my mind and have tried to avoid it (much like my Mormon post which strangely enough hasn’t gotten ANY comments at all (Or death threats for that matter, i wonder what would happen if i said something about Mohamed and the Shi’a, or how the Turkish are bunch of idiots. maybe i should write that one next).

Anyway, I’ve been putting it off. But I’ve grown bored and tired, and strangely valiant and courageous. (even in its own post i seem to be hesitating)

So, Cody Linley. Several things:

1-Way, way, WAY SEXY!

2- Hilarious, but not as much as his drop dead gorgeous partner Julianne (right? there are so many variants that i mess them up, you’d think an eidetic memory, yeah i know there is no such thing!, would remember that one version)

2.5- by the way, the dance in the white, whatever-its-called, was intensely reminiscent of William Blake. Strange but true. There is a tender eroticism in his poetry that nobody seems to get. And Cody especially drew into it, the motions, the desire covered with a nice overtone of emotion made for an overall very interesting dance.

3-I have laughed twice this week. One was during a Stephen Lynch performance, and once during Cody’s and Julianne’s backstage interview. (Cody did, in fact sweep a decent chunk of America off its feet, great job dude, if you were to ever read this, which i suppose would be very weird, for him (you?) at least, let’s not dwell on the thought)

4- Finally, completely unrelated to Cody, but deserving attention: i’ve finally manage to burst though my writer’s equivalent of the Great Wall of China, and got writing a long short story, a short novel, whatever it’s supposed to be called. Its interesting i think, and i’m about hafway though.

So, in retrospect, Cody Linley is incredibly sexy. He needs to wear more white whatever-they’re-called’s, and he DID look like a little kid at a candy store, and like man at a strip club, who has no idea what to go for first.

I’m not sure which is weirder.


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by ZookiePlyr on October 8, 2008 at 5:54 am

    You know, I just had to go see how he was dancing on youtube, and I found a video I thought you might like. Also, he’s not high on my cute meter (not as high as on yours!!), but he is just adorable personality wise, and I want him!! Hopefully, he wins. That would just be awesome. Did Mario Lopez ever win?


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