Why I Did Not See The Presidential Debates.

This Friday, were the first presidential debates, and i opted not to watch, listen or read about them. Odd right? me not caring? But i have a reason, a few actually.

One: is quite simply, i am tired of all the bullshit. Obama lies, McCain lies, they throw shit at each other and then everyone is either happy or angry.

Second: Other than a few people who care, and who have also already chosen a side, nobody watches the debates, and no one can sincerely say that their vote is going to swing this late in the race. There may, MAY, be one or two people, but most people have already made up their minds and are watching with a bias. Besides, it’s not like rational thinking has an impact on Americans, we tend to just go with what mommy and daddy say, so there really is no point to them watching, the very fact of their birth has already chosen for them.

Third: I went to a movie. I saw Burn after Reading. It was an awesome movie, but it is not worth buying on DVD.

Fourth: Mongolian Food Rocks.

Fifth: I already knew what each candidate was going to say, I’ve heard them say it before, and I really didn’t want to hear it again. And the bailout plan in Washington is likewise giving me a headache, the thing is simple really: create a committee. We do it for everything else, why not this plan? Why argue needlessly over something both candidates agree on: Paulson cannot be trusted to handle it alone, and needs supervision. So, create a temporary committee to reside over the handing out of the money, make sure that the corporate leaders get a payout (otherwise they’ll never agree) but a small one, and make sure that the money does not go into the wrong pockets. Its simple really, almost elegant.

And Finally: Yeah, i’ve covered it all.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by ZookiePlyr on September 29, 2008 at 10:24 pm

    Yeah, Mongolian food kicks ass! And the movie… I dunno, definately won’t be buying it. It was good until that one incident in the closet occured… Some backward humor going on. Wouldn’t mind illegally downloading it… And… Eagle Eye sucked ass as once again portraying a now over-used antagonist. Shia was hot and awesome irregardless, and his character was great, but lame antagonist man. Ghost Town was amusing. Those would be the two movies I went to over the weekend with my sister. Turns out, she has an illegal streak in her that involved sneaking into the theatre since she didn’t want to pay for two movies. Which was good, cause one sucked. Anyways…


  2. Posted by aneurinv on October 8, 2008 at 6:24 pm

    i vote we officially add the word irregardless to the dictionary.


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