BIO100 and ENG101

At this point I really hate my biology class. The subject we’re tackling now is evolution, and since I love evolution I actually though that I would love it, but it turned out to be a Evolution for dummies, much like that of Dr. Nash at the beginning of ASM104 (except she was good at introducing the material) and we’ve dragged onto day four. Having taken two whole days to discuss Creationism, which Dr. Nash talked about for maybe a minute. That was a fucking pain, because everyday of my life I have some creationist breathing down my back. Having my BIO teacher discuss all of it, is by far, almost suicidal.

I’m hoping that the teach will pick it up and actually do something of interest rather than babble on for the idiots, in which case, i might have to sneak in one of my good books in and read while he rambles on for the kidos.

Now about ENG100. It is an OK class, like I’ve said, it has the potential to be amazing, if we had more time, and i wasn’t stuck in such a um, pathetically idiotic, group. Today, my OCD got the better of me in the middle of class, I had to go fix the flag, which was bunched up on the pole rather than placed correctly on the pole. and after that I had a minor problem as I counted the chalk marks on the board and actually resisted wiping them clean. Which I will more than likely not forget for about a year or ten. There were eleven chalk marks on the board by the way.

Some idiot said that the country was founded on Christian values, my though was: “huh?” I shall say no more, because if I go on, I will use cuss words and that is never good.

After I got over this, we moved on to more readings and ended up talking about Machiavelli again. The teacher brought up the issue of the torture in regards to the presidential debates. And again all I have to say: Human Rights violations, if we want to preserve our image and enforce them, or have any moral standing, we must first eliminate them (violations) at home.

Then we discussed Stephen Carter, my though was, he’s an idiot. In a later post, I will tell you why.


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