My Little Bar of Chocolate

Yesterday, as a celebration of my finishing what to thought to be a brilliant essay on my personal philosophy, i decided to buy a bar of outrageously expensive chocolate (this was before class).

During our peer reviews i discovered that my essay was “hard to swallow” and that the only point i got across was that i i thought I was better than everyone. I do to a certain point think that i am smarter than most people, and many confuse it with arrogance, but that was not the point of the essay.

They also said that i contradicted myself. I did not, i used apparent contradictions, but with a tad of insight they are not.

And here i thought that i had written an awesomely analytical, self-critical, insightful and intelligent essay.

So instead of eating my chocolate in celebration, i ate it because i needed the endorphins to fix my depression, because now i cannot re-write the essay because i have no idea how to write it, or even what to write about.

Nicely ironic, my celebration chocolate became my quick fix for my depression.


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