Biden, Obama, McCain and Palin

The Democratic Conventions are over, have been for a while, and the Republican Yuckfest (i.e. Conventions) starts tomorrow. I have several things to say about that, and about Biden, Obama, and McCain’s choice for VP.

The Democratic Conventions were amazing. Michelle Obama did not screw up (miracle?) Hillary Clinton almost made me cry (because she’s amazing) and Obama’s speech gave me hope that maybe he’s not crazy (after he screws up in office, i will deny having voted for him, unless of course he doesn’t) and renewed the tiny bit of hope i have for the people of this country. The one speech to which i paid the most attention was that of Bill Clinton, after hearing him speak last year, i have grown a new appreciation for not only his intelligence but his orating skills. Despite Obama’s constant fiery but bland speeches (full of errors and inconsistencies) I still believe Bill Clinton to be this country’s greatest orator.

I’ve decided, after quite a bit of thinking that Biden is a very good choice for vice president. My first thought was “if Obama is all about new things, why choose someone who’se been aroung messing in Washington for so long?” The answer is the same as it was in Mexico in 2000 when Vicente Fox became president using the same ‘change’ speches and techniques that he (Obama) is using. The answer: there is no change, he just says those things and he will fall back on old style Democratic politics. (except in Mexico Fox fell back on old style conservative politics, which drew the country to ruin, or would have if PRI (centrist political party) had not take the majority in the Senate or in the House and PRD (leftist political party) had not gained a significant number of seats in both houses and swept several states).

Anyway, back to the USA. Biden will certainly add experience to the Obama ticket, plus, he cares about Darfur!!! How great it that? Maybe the USA will finally do something about it.

Now, about McCain’s choice for VP. What the hell? Is he serious? McCain looks like he’s ready to drop dead, and he chooses an unexperienced shady politician with questionable legal problems!!

So I have to ask, in the most serious way possible (and with the utmost respect for McCain’s health): Is Palin ready to be president? I would answer: No she is not. And I hope for our own sakes that most Americans will agree.

I must say that I admire McCain’s political courage, choosing that particular person as VP, but I must also say that the old man has lost it, seriously, he has gone crazy. All I want right now is the results of a recent poll, and I will more than likely get to say, I told you so.

On the other hand: Thank You McCain, for possible having insured a Democratic win in November!


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