Why didn’t Peter just walk through the door?

Peter has quite a collection of powers by the end of Season Two of Heroes, one of which is phasing. 

So, in “Powerless” episode number 211 of the second season (also the finale) why did he spend most of the episode trying to break though the vault door with telekinesis when he could easily walk though the door? 

I understand that the Heroes (Nathan, Hiro and Parkman) needed time to get there, but couldn’t the writers just make them get there earlier? Hiro actually got there early since he can teleport and all, but Peter knocked him out using Elle’s lightning power. So the question is, Why didn’t he phase both himself and Adam though the door. Even then, all Adam had to do was break the vial with the Shanti Virus, Peter wouldn’t even know what to expect. I considered that If the door was closed the virus couldn’t get out, but the vent is still there, and that leads somewhere(in the original version, the Virus escaped though the vent as well as the open door). Did Adam not know that? and he didn’t how did he get Peter to break the door open? DId Peter forget he could phase? 

I am confused, clearly.


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