Machiavellian Society and V for Vendetta.

Today in English class someone brought up V for Vendetta as an example of a Machiavellian Society. Do the ends justify the means?
I disagree, there is a process, a humane and cooperative process that allows us to discuss and diplomatically resolve problems without conflict or without casualties.
One example that I drew, especially because I have an interest in such things, is that of Rwanda and the genocide of 1994. The ends, a unified Hutu and Twa nation will all the wealth concentrated in one government, the means was the death of 77 percent of the mTutsi population.
Back to V for Vendetta, deceit as a means to achieve power and death or genocide as a way to achieve a unified country. From a purely detached way this makes sense but from a Human perspective it is in no way acceptable or should not even be considered a possible solution or a means to any end.
Clannish groups whether they be in tribes, religion, corporations, or even gangs, always draw a certain type of ideology, a very Machiavellian perspective that needs to be regulated and guided by the idea of cooperation, the Church managed to hold a generally loose hold over the warring City-States or Italy, Spain, Germany and Romania. Now the United Nations and the European Union manage to hold a good way of restriction (obviously this is not without exception, Turkey, a country with a blatant disregard for human rights, was recently accepted into the European Union, and the UN has continuously, as has the USA, ignored the genocide in Darfur just as they ignored the Rwandan Genocide) Although these are examples that are often the exception. The Zimbabwean situation is being dealt through the cooperation of the EU, the OAU, and the UN, if not the US Government. The Civil War in Georgia has been mostly ignored by the GA and the Security Council, although the United States and NATO continue to act outside the UN’s sanction and continue to push toward s potentially dangerous situation (very similar to Machiavellian power play).
It is the division that these organizations create among themselves that defeat the purpose of the organizations.
Although this in no way brings one back to V for Vendetta, it is connected, it is an example of the power play concept as outlined by Machiavelli.
Clearly I disagree with his ideology, as I seem to have a deep love for the spirit of cooperation and unity.


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